Seppic launches Ephemer, a celebrity among cosmetic actives

BiotechMarine has pioneered a unique method of cultivating cosmetic active ingredients BiotechMarine, a subsidiary of Seppic, is launching Ephemer at in-cosmetics Barcelona, taking place from 14 to 16 April. According to the company, this active ingredient is the first in the world to originate from the ground-breaking Celebrity macroalgal cell culture innovations.

Ephemer and other cosmetic actives from Seppic are available in South Africa from CJP Chemicals.

A unique ingredient

Ephemer is a gametophyte extract taken from macroalgae cells grown in a laboratory and harvested at an ephemeral stage in the life cycle of Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed. This in-vitro cultivation of a cosmetic active ingredient is said to be entirely unique. During this growth stage, the macroalgal cells accumulate anti-oxidant molecules.

Seppic logoSkin protecting solution

Ephemer protects the skin, after 24 hours by acting on the mitochondria, causing a brief reduction of free radicals. After eight days, Ephemer preserves mitochondrial DNA, which is essential for proper mitochondrial function. Mitochondrial DNA is also known as ‘Eve’s Genes’ since it is inherited solely from the mother.

According to Seppic, the aforementioned benefits have been confirmed in in-vivo testing. After 28 days, the skin showed a better ability to fight free radicals, versus the placebo. After 56 days, the skin’s micro-relief had markedly improved, compared to the placebo.

Harnessing creativity in science

Seppic is strengthening its position as a leading supplier of cosmetics active ingredients by combining scientific creativity with reliability. 

Erwan Le Gélébart, R&D project manager at BiotechMarine, explains: ‘Macroalgae cells have the amazing ability to transform light and minerals into organic molecules. This launch confirms the acceleration of the developments surrounding marine biotechnologies at Seppic.’ 

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