IFF launches novel excipient formulations

IFF’s Pharma Solutions division brings the power of leading excipient products for the pharmaceutical industry to CPHI 2023 in Barcelona, Spain from 24 to 26 October. 

Multicoloured pills (Image: IFF)
Multicoloured pills (Image: IFF)

The team will provide visitors with a first-hand preview of new products, investments and innovations. They will also spotlight the company’s strategic initiatives in sustainability, quality, and reliability for pharmaceutical customers. 

Low nitrite solutions 

IFF will present its Avicel PH LN portfolio – a robust low nitrite microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), which lowers the risk of nitrosamine formation in finished drug products, catering to the needs of pharmaceutical customers seeking excipients to support their nitrosamine risk mitigation plans. The solution offers a range of benefits, including nitrite specification on certificates of analysis and batch-to-batch consistency regarding nitrite content. Backed by decades of innovation and expertise, Avicel PH offers a long history of manufacturing the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade MCC. 

IFF’s METHOCEL family of water-soluble cellulose ethers will also be presented. Experts will be available to discuss how this product delivers multiple stand-out benefits for pharmaceutical innovation. The Pharma Solutions team continually evaluates processes and makes analytical improvements to meet customers’ expectations in the field of nitrosamine-sensitive oral solid dosage forms.

Biopolymer innovation 

IFF will be launching METHONOVA, a cell-compatible and filterable methylcellulose for the biotechnology industries. This methylcellulose is suitable for use in cell culture media, enabling cell therapies for many advanced diseases. It can also be used in 3D bioprinting, allowing for example, in-vitro drug testing models or 3D cell cultures. Built on decades of polymer science expertise, METHONOVA is the latest addition to the NovaMatrix portfolio of well-characterised biopolymers for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical industries. 

World-class excipient solutions for drug formulations 

Looking ahead, as IFF’s industry-leading Avicel brand commemorates 60 years on the market, the company is also investing in the strategic expansion of its production facility in Rayong, Thailand. Establishing production in the fast-growing Asian market for pharmaceutical applications, increasing site capacity, and accelerating the delivery of its premier, high-quality MCC brand Avicel will help meet growing demand for pharmaceutical customers worldwide. 

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