IFF showcases cellulosic excipients at CPhI

IFF’s Pharma Solutions will reaffirm its commitment to helping customers globally deliver consistent, high-quality products at this year’s CPhI Worldwide and CPhI China.

The company is backed by 300 years of combined cellulosic excipient experience, including leading brands like Avicel and METHOCEL, a robust seaweed-based excipient portfolio and deep technical expertise.

Attendees at CPhI Worldwide can connect with IFF’s experts at stand 7G21 from 9 to 11 November in Milan, or virtually from 25 October to 19 November

Highly customised excipient solutions

Attendees at CPhI Worldwide can connect with IFF’s experts at stand 7G21 from 9 to 11 November in Milan, or virtually from 25 October to 19 November. Both physical and virtual visitors will be able to explore highly customised excipient solutions to address their current formulation challenges, learn cost-effective manufacturing strategies and dive deeper into formulating for the pediatric demographics. For region-specific insights, attendees can visit booth E4C26 at CPhI China in Shanghai, from 16 to 18 December.

IFF continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to quality, service and reliability through increased investments in digital tools and an enhanced cross-functional focus. At all events, our team will be available to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions and provide insights into the company’s industry-leading products and expertise.

Unmatched understanding of cellulosics – As the pioneer of proven excipients such as Avicel and METHOCEL, IFF has an unmatched understanding of cellulosics. Its broadest range of essential ingredients for drug development means more customised formulations are possible to meet customers’ performance and consistency goals.

Taste-masking drug techniques

Market-leading alginate technologies – With more than 80 years of seaweed-based experience, IFF’s market-leading alginate technologies are equipped to help formulators with taste-masking drug techniques and optimizing acid reflux applications. Protanal is a patented and environmentally-friendly alginate specially sourced from the highest quality brown seaweed to act as the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in the treatment of acid reflux. Utilising an innovative extrusion testing method, the technology demonstrates excellent raft performance, making it optimal for acid reflux applications.

Enhanced portfolio for suspensions – IFF’s enhanced portfolio of suspensions and solutions which includes suspending agents, protective colloids and viscosifiers such as GRINDSTED Xanthan, help formulators outperform competition by developing stable pharmaceutical liquids and delivering the desired viscosity, pourability and mouthfeel.

On 28 October, Carsten Huettermann, senior application specialist, IFF, will present insights and key factors to consider in pediatric liquid formulations at an on-demand webinar “Pediatric Drug Delivery: Challenges and Solutions”. 

“We’re continuously investing, innovating and improving upon our technologies, processes, and methodologies to ensure pharmaceutical formulators and manufacturers are equipped with the answers they need to bring novel products to market,” says Rina Chokshi, global commercial marketing manager, Pharma Solutions, IFF. “With our portfolio of proven solutions and experience-tested experts, we’re committed to be the partner our customers can count on, so they can advance confidently into the future.”

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