Imbalie Beauty acquires Prana Products

Esna Colyn, CEO of Imbalie Beauty, Elma McKenzie, the original founder of Placecol, and Debbie Wolfendale, executive director of Imbalie BeautyEsna Colyn, CEO of Imbalie Beauty, has announced that she and Debbie Wolfendale, CEO of Prana Products, have officially committed to join their respective entities, effective 1 June, resulting in the assets and distribution footprint of Prana Products being acquired by the Imbalie Beauty group.

Imbalie Beauty’s vision is to be the largest and most desirable beauty franchise group, which is aligned with Prana Products and Wolfendale’s vision. 

This merger of two innovative and professional local companies with very similar visions, values and ethos, shows just how the local beauty industry that is constantly shifting. 

A new role with exciting challenges 

Wolfendale will become an executive director of Imbalie Beauty in charge of the sales, marketing and training businesses of Imbalie Beauty. Esna Colyn will continue as group CEO. Wolfendale has more than 27 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry and skin care market, and has a passion and drive for quality beauty brands and developing people. Her philosophy is to build businesses through the success of others, creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs. 

The entities up close 

As an importer and distributor of select and quality brands, the strength of Prana Products can be mobilsed significantly on the Imbalie Beauty platform. 

Imbalie Beauty is a franchisor, distributor and service provider of beauty offerings and products, its most well-known brand being Placecol. The company also has its own distribution footprint and a franchised distribution footprint, which together make up 160 beauty salons nationally. In addition, Imbalie Beauty’s products are distributed through large retail outlets, independent salons and pharmacies. 

Assessing the assets 

The main product and equipment brands of Prana Products, which will be incorporated into the Imbalie Beauty stable, include:

  • Beaute Pacifique, a dermaceutical which has been developed by the Danish scientific engineer and scientist, Flemming Christenson
  • Dermascan equipment, which reveals skin conditions by photographing deep beneath the skin’s surface to assist consumers in sourcing the right products for ‘the healthiest skin ever’
  • Bodyography Professional Cosmetics, which is a leading source in makeup artistry
  • Beauty Blender, a make-up tool created by celebrity makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva.  

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