Improvements to BisaboLife make it a gamechanger in the beauty industry

Givaudan Active Beauty presents new specifications for BisaboLife, the purest and sustainable (-)-α-bisabolol.

Thanks to an optimised process, Givaudan now guarantees an ingredient with a level of purity at a minimum of 99%, the highest rate available in the industry today, outperforming synthetic and natural products. Our research also demonstrates that the active ingredient possesses the lowest farnesol content on the market (<0.05%) versus synthetic alternatives.

Givaudan BisaboLife Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash
BisaboLife offers the possibility of fortifying and soothing sensitive skin and scalp while restoring comfort

Natural alternatives

The objective is to innovate by creating natural alternatives to synthetics, building on Givaudan Active Beauty’s position as #1 in actives from biotechnology1.

This ranking is important as, according to Mintel2, bioengineered ingredients are becoming mainstream as a means of satisfying consumer safety concerns. There will also be a rise in non-irritating, non-alienating and allergen-free claims. Our commitment to satisfy customers and their consumers is leading us to outperform the competition in both purity and allergen rates.

Soothing sensitive skin

Launched in 2017, BisaboLife is a fully bio-sourced bisabolol, crafted by white biotechnology through the fermentation of plant sugars. It offers the possibility of fortifying and soothing sensitive skin and scalp while restoring comfort. Clinical tests demonstrate that the active ingredient reduces skin redness by 81% after shaving and soothes scalp irritation by 25%.

Mathias Fleury, global category manager Active Beauty, Biotech Actives and HA says, “While natural sourcing has the advantage of not containing farnesol at all, we all know its limitations: less sustainable, less reliable supply depending on seasonality, deforestation risk, and in general more expensive. Givaudan now offers the best level of purity on the market (>99%), compared to the usual 95% for the natural sourcing and 95-97% for the synthetic alternative, while limiting the farnesol content to below 0.05% and outperforming petro-chemical offers.”

During Suppliers’ Day in New York, visitors will have the opportunity to discover more about the new specifications of BisaboLife at stand 911.

1 External market study from Kline

2 Mintel: The Future of Fragrance: 2022

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