In-cosmetics Global announces best active, functional and green ingredient award winners

Winners of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredients and Green Ingredients awards were announced on 6 October, as part of in-cosmetics Virtual 2020.  

Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, leading cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, including Mibelle Biochemistry, Cargill Beauty, Givaudan Active Beauty and Lucas Meyer all put forward their most creative innovations for consideration across three categories: 

  1. Best Active Ingredient 
  1. Best Functional Ingredient  
  1. Best Green Ingredient.  

Judged by some of the industry’s leading experts, the awards are highly respected around the world and recognise cosmetic ingredient manufacturers helping to push innovation boundaries, while responding to evolving consumer demands. 

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Best Active Ingredient award winners  

Scooping both the Gold and Silver awards in the Best Active Ingredient category, Vytrus Biotech was recognised for its Kannabia Sense and Deobiome Noni ingredients.  

Described as ‘the microbiota whisperer’, Kannabia Sense took the top accolade for its innovative probiotic treatment that stimulates the skin microbiota to produce an in-situ postbiotic cocktail that promotes the synthesis of cutaneous oxytocin. Recommended for use in sensitive skin treatments, anti-ageing cosmetic products and delicate facial treatments, it is made from plant stem cells of Cannabis sativa, a herbaceous plant indigenous to eastern Asia.   

Vytrus Biotech picked up the Silver award for Deobiome Noni, an innovative prebiotic deodorant treatment, which reduces the generation of body odour while allowing skin to breathe. Is also respects the skin microbiota. The local agent for Vytrus Biotech is Savannah Fine Chemicals.  

Closing the category, Mibelle Biochemistry and Clariant Active Ingredients were announced as joint winners of the Bronze Award. Recognised for its Alpine Rose Active, Mibelle Biochemistry’s novel ‘senolytics’ concept was chosen for its ability to eliminate senescent skin cells and protect skin proteins from oxidative stress. Carst & Walker is the local agent for Mibelle Biochemistry.  

Clariant Active Ingredients was applauded for its rare and unique ingredient, Prenylium. Thanks to Clariant’s plant milking technology, Prenylium is extracted from the root of the Morus alba tree without causing any damage. This innovative and sustainable approach to sourcing helps to stimulate root growth and results in a concentration of prenylated flavonoids 2 000% higher than that typically found in mulberry root extracts.  

Best Functional Ingredient award winners 

Symrise took the top award in the Best Functional Ingredient category for SymEffect Sun. Based entirely on renewable raw materials from responsible sources, the newly developed ingredient combines the advantages of conventional sunscreen products with the increasing sustainability requirements of consumers. It pursues a 360° approach, offering a holistic way to meet the multiple challenges of sunscreen products. SymEffect Sun stood out for its use of natural sources, efficiency in boosting UV protection and formulation stability.  

Also demonstrating a sustainable approach to sun protection, Dow was awarded the Silver award for its SunSpheres Bio SPF Booster, a bio-based and readily biodegradable SPF booster, which enables greater SPF efficiency in sun care and daily skin care products. AECI Specialty Chemicals is the local agent for Dow.  

The category also honoured two bronze award winners: Clariant and Gattefossé.  

Clariant was awarded for Velsan Flex, which, thanks to its high-water solubility and renewable carbon index of 93%, offers preservation boosting powers together with broad formulation flexibility. 

Gattefossé’s Emulium Dolcea MB – a natural origin O/W emulsifier – has the ability to create a wider range of textures, from fluid serums to thick butters in a wide range of applications, such as skin and sun care, makeup and hair care. Carst & Walker is the local agent for Gattefossé.  

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Green Ingredient Award winners 

As sustainability continues to drive cosmetics manufacturers to assess the ingredients used in their formulations, this year’s Green Ingredient Award – in partnership with Ecovia Intelligence – recognised the ingredients championing sustainability in personal care and beauty.  

Henry Lamotte Oils’ Paradise Nut Oil/Magdalena River Nut Oil scooped the Gold Award for its ability to support the regeneration of the skin’s lipid film, while improving the water retention capability of the skin, reducing transepidermal water loss. Maccallum is the local agent for Henry Lamotte Oils.  

Unveiled as the Silver Award winner, Cargill Beauty’s FiberDesign Sensation was praised for its approach to sustainability and upcycling. Derived from 100% natural origins, the texturiser and emulsion stabiliser, designed specifically for skincare, is based on citrus peel fibres from the pectin production side stream.  

Joining an exciting line-up of award winners, Minasolve SAS scooped the Bronze Award for its A-Leen Aroma-3, a nature-derived perfuming agent that offers a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect. It is a 100% natural version of phenylpropanol produced from cassia essential oil. The local agent for Minasolve SAS is Orkila SA/Azelis.  

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