Industrial Buyer goes digital in 2022

Industrial Buyer, your go-to publication for the manufacturing, engineering, construction and mining sectors in southern Africa, is embarking on an exciting journey to become fully digital.

The decision to go digital has been influenced by global trends in the publishing industry, as well as the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile digital
In South Africa 94.7% of people access news and entertainment on the internet via their mobile phones

Why digital?

In South Africa  94.7% of people access news and entertainment on the internet via their mobile phones. The future is undoubtedly digital.

Digital offers ROI benefits that can’t be matched with print. Analytics and statistics give you measurable return for your buck and allow you to monitor exactly who you are reaching in terms of demographics, geographical location and economic sector. Another benefit is that in digital marketing reach is not static, meaning distribution of your message is not capped potentially you could reach a much larger market than first anticipated depending on the campaign.

Enhance your message

Digital has a lot of potential for enriched content including video, images, infographics and more. You can also add a pop-up inquiry form to your content enabling you to get qualified leads that catalyse actual sales. The possibilities are endless.

Industry 4.0 has been a buzzword since 2012, yet now we hear it all the time. Machine learning, robotics, digital transformation and big data are top of mind in the industry and as a companion publication to the industry Industrial Buyer has to keep up and give you the holistic digital offering you require. In the age of fourth industrial revolution data is absolutely key and only digital can deliver on the integral type of data that’s needed to make informed and effective decisions when it comes to delivering your message to clients.

Is print dead?

The short answer in the world of marketing and publishing is no. However, print is changing and adapting to a new hybrid medium. Interactive print is a new medium that offers the all benefits of print with the added benefits of digital. What this can look like is a magazine distributed digitally with enriching elements such as video, hyperlinks and inquiry forms embedded within each page. As we forge ahead on the path to a digital future – augmented reality to bring your brochure to life, virtual reality, live virtual product launches and more are all possibilities you can utilise to add value to your campaigns and Industrial Buyer is equipped to bring your vision to life.

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