INGCO unveils the future at the 2024 open day extravaganza 

Malcom Marx Chooses INGCO Tools.

Skillcraft Agencies recently hosted their first INGCO Open Day for 2024. This event opened doors to not only display the latest tools and equipment from INGCO, but also provided a platform to forge deeper connections with their valued customers and  to provide insights into their operations.  

Johannesburg Open Day

“Open Days at our branches give our customers the opportunity to see our showrooms and our operation first hand. The most prevalent comment we get is, “We didn’t realise how big you are.” We have grown tenfold in size and stature over the past eight years and it’s something that must be seen to be appreciated,” said Skillcraft Agencies MD Angelo Angelos.  

He adds that the Open Days also give its customers the chance to take a detailed look at INGCO’s whole range, sample the products and make strategy decisions about the way forward with us. “We work hard to make sure that our customers understand our trajectory and where we are going so that they can remain in step with us on this journey. The deeper our common understanding, the better results we can achieve together. The Open Days are a fantastic vehicle to foster this understanding.”  

One of the standout features of the event was the exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Skillcraft Agencies’ warehouse facilities. This tour provided attendees with a rare glimpse into the finer details of Skillcraft warehouse operations, including spares and repairs processes and logistics management. By understanding these inner workings, customers gained valuable insights into lead times and operational efficiency, fostering better communication and collaboration between Skillcraft Agencies and its customers.  

Durban Open Day

Skillcraft Agencies marketing coordinator, Brigitte Thysse, adds that face-to-face ‘meet and greet’ opportunities between Skillcraft Agencies’ internal sales and administrative teams and their customer base added a personal touch and provided customers with the opportunity to make queries, offer feedback, and establish meaningful relationships with the team. Skillcraft Agencies’ commitment to an open-door policy and customer support was evident throughout the event, reinforcing the notion that every customer’s voice is valued and heard.  

Another highlight of the INGCO Open Day was the presence of dedicated INGCO brand ambassadors in each region. These ambassadors played a crucial role in providing live demonstrations, addressing product-related queries, and sharing valuable tips and tricks with attendees. By offering first hand experience and expertise, these ambassadors empowered customers to make informed decisions about the INGCO product range and maximise their in-store opportunities. Their presence reinforced Skillcraft Agencies’ commitment to not only selling quality products but also ensuring that customers derive maximum value and satisfaction from their purchases.  

Cape Town Open Day

Skillcraft Agencies’ first INGCO Open Day for 2024 was more than just a showcase of products –it was a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction, transparency, and continuous improvement.   

Through behind-the-scenes tours, face-to-face interactions, and expert guidance, the event reinforced Skillcraft Agencies’ ethos of fostering strong relationships with their customers and providing full support every step of the way.   

As they look to the future, Skillcraft Agencies remain committed to delivering excellence in service and innovation, ensuring that their customers continue to receive nothing but the best.  

Customer quotes  

Juanine Rheeders – Essential Head Office (Johannesburg)  

“ Ingco has been doing really well with our members and is one of our Top Brands. Definitely one of the best tool companies in our group.”   

Previn Daya from Benoni Mica Group (Johannesburg) – “We are constantly growing and always have a great relationship experience INGCO.”  

Rakesh Sobarawn from SUV Builders Centre (Johannesburg) –  “INGCO has a huge presence. backup and support system that gives us confidence in referring the brand to our end users. We enjoy forging relationships with INGCO beyond that of order taking.”   

Alan Palan, manager of SA Fasteners (Durban) –  Our customer base loves the 20V Range. The INGCO price and quality definitely set the brand apart in the marketplace.  

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Tony Austen – Central Mica (Cape Town)  

 A highlight was being able to attend live demonstrations on the products and ‘touching and feeling the products’. We really like the new range of products on offer to stock in our store.   

Malcom Marx Chooses INGCO Tools.


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