More flexibility in end of line packaging

Groundbreaking technical innovations in end-of-line packaging. The new SOMIC 434 machine generation and the revolutionary grouping and collecting system SOMIC CORAS clearly show what the developers at the Bavarian manufacturer of packaging machines are capable of.

New streamlined layout

With the 434 machine series, SOMIC presents a completely new layout that joins the individual stations in a slim and linear design. The collection and grouping unit is docked onto the side of the machine in a separate frame concept. This allows for significant advantages in future changes to the product range for packaging tasks. Another conclusive feature is the frame’s support structure, which has been moved to the inside. This offers perfect conditions for the operators, who have unimpeded access to the cartoning stations. Access is also facilitated by the frame-high machine guard doors with an opening angle of 180 degrees, which significantly improves the utilisation of space around the machine. The operating status of the machine has now become particularly easy to see by LED lights integrated into the corner columns, even from a distance.

Format change made easy

There are functional improvements in the new SOMIC 434 such as automated format adjustment using servomotors controlled from the operator panel. In this way, folding tools, gluing positions and the blank magazine can be automatically changed to new formats. Only a few format parts now have to be changed with the SOMIC QuickChange System. SOMIC technicians estimate that this leads to time savings of up to 70% during format change. The filling of the gluing unit has also undergone significant improvement by integrating into the service cabinet of the 434 machine series so that the glue granulate can be conveniently refilled from the outside.

Flexible sorting and grouping

The presentation of the new SOMIC CORAS product handling system clearly points to the future of collecting and grouping. With a separate module that uses planar technology SOMIC makes it possible to receive for example bags from 4 lines in a space of only about 2.5 m² and to transfer them to the packaging machine in any predefined groups. Compared to pick-and-place solutions, the system is significantly more space-saving – and also more efficient. The floating carriers provide top performance in collection and grouping with a maximum speed of 2 m/s and a maximum acceleration of 20 m/s². “Planar technology provides our customers with a wide range of options, enabling any desired combination of products from different lines and further allowing the defined alignment of products in the carton.” emphasises Mathias Wander, head of development.

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