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Did you know that:
• 98 out of every 100 phones sold worldwide today have digital cameras on them
• Estimated 95+% of phones in the market today have digital cameras on them
• Mobile phone is the one technology device that all consumers carry (third kidney)
• Cellular literacy is higher than basic literacy in many developing countries
• GPRS (basic internet data service) is available wherever there is a cellular signal
• To reach a maximum number of consumers, technology needs to work across both SMART and FEATURE phones.

TrustaTAG Systems is enabling consumers to access valuable healthcare product information through the use of Microsoft TAG technology. Its task within health is to provide medical information pertaining to the product being taken to the consumer in laymens’ terms and in a home language. Additionally it offers the consumer authentication of product, track and trace, and batch recalls for example. All this can be done on a basic mobile phone.

TrustaTAG allows consumers to scan a tag image housed on a box or container using any smart phone or feature phone device. The platform automatically redirects the user to a portal that offers product information in an easily understood format and language.
Said TrustaTAG Systems Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ian Puttergill, “The technology has made the management of key medications such as antiretroviral solutions far more comprehensive and reliable.” The Microsoft TAG format is accessible under bad lighting, is small in size, reads fast and is highly customisable – all of which are ideal for placement on healthcare packaging. This mobile platform will revolutionise the way a person in need of medicine will gain access to information on required drugs.
Trustatag is excited to work with market-leading companies who recognise the importance of providing patients access to vital product information.

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