Innovative Roof Design Lends Pastoral Appeal To Modern Pretoria Home

LCP Roofing designed, fabricated and erected House Chaplin’s roof

House Chaplin, an exquisite family home in the picturesque Cornwall Hill Estate in Irene, Pretoria East, called for a specially designed farm style roof. LCP Roofing designed, fabricated and erected House Chaplin’s roof, bringing country life to the heart of Pretoria East.

House Chaplin, an exquisite family home in the picturesque Cornwall Hill Estate in Irene, Pretoria East, called for a specially designed farm style roof with zero margin for error. LCP Roofing responded with precision and attention to detail for a roof that brings country life to the heart of suburbia.

Spearheaded by Vilvor Construction, and headed up by Project Manager, Jacques Vorster, the client’s brief was precise and concise: They wanted an exceptional farm style roof, complete with a sloped interior ceiling as well as a special feature in the form of a small barn style hip roof tower to be built in the middle of the roof over a double volume area.

“After reviewing the design by architects, Merida Yeatman & Associates as well as all the technical specifications, our Design Office Manager, William Long, lost no time in getting stuck in,” says Lyndsay Cotton, LCP Roofing General Manager. “The specified sloped ceiling meant that some of the trusses had to be scissor trusses and would have to span well over 12 metres. And while the roof tower added tremendous aesthetic value to the project exterior, it was also included to increase the amount of light coming into the house, since there were no windows in the double volume space below,” he says.

After all the technical roofing elements were assessed, the roof design was completed using International Truss Systems’ Roofcon design software. Once the designs were finalised and agreed upon, manufacturing of the timber roof trusses commenced.

A combination of 38mm Grade 5 and Grade 7 structural timber (SA Pine), ranging from 76mm to 228mm timber depth, was used to manufacture the trusses. Using semi-autonomous electric Spida saws, and specially designed custom tables with a hydraulic 25 ton AV Birch Press, the LCP Roofing fabrication team completed fabrication of this 640 square metre luxury home’s roof trusses within a day.

Building span, roof pitch, specified covering, ceiling type and location are all factors that help in determining what grade of timber will be needed for a roof structure. In line with the National Building Regulations, only structural timber was used in this project.

LCP Roofing only uses timber sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed timber plantations. As a building material, timber treads lightly on the environment compared to other building materials, because the complete production process, from seed to construction site, consumes less energy overall.

Due to the sheer size of the trusses, LCP Roofing’s specialised truss trailer had to be used for the deliveries, and erection of the trusses on site took four days to complete. Once the sheeting accessories and sundries were delivered to site, the sheeting work took an additional week to complete and the project was handed over to a happy and satisfied client.

“At LCP Roofing, we’ve spent a great deal of time and resources to develop the business into a fast-moving and well-oiled machine,” notes Cotton, concluding, “House Chaplin’s roofing requirements stepped out of the proverbial box and called for a structure that shows rather than tells a story. It stands testament not only to the impact a roof can make on a home, but also to a rich visual narrative that can only be made possible by partnering with leaders in the trade.”

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