Innovative Roof Truss System

Often unseen except during the construction phase, roof trusses have traditionally been constructed from wood because of the perceived cost saving. It is often believed that light gauge steel structures cannot compete with timber nail plated roof trusses, especially in the affordable housing market segment. MiTek’s Ultra-Span light gauge steel roof truss system also proves the contrary, especially when it comes to commercial and light industrial span requirements between 20 and 40 meters.

MiTek had two SAISC Steel Award nominees in 2020, with projects supplied by MiTek licensed fabricators – EcoStrut (pictured) and ABP Ghana.

Light gauge steel

Hoisting large sections or an entire pre-assembled roof into position onto a building’s walls has been made easier and more economical with Ultra-Span’s light gauge steel truss system. Lightweight and compact for easy handling and transportation, this low-mass-per-square-meter roofing system ensures savings on erection and transport costs whilst being vermin proof and non-combustible.

Advanced design

MiTek’s state-of-the-art 20/20 software provides engineered designs for economical roofing solutions. Ultra-Span can be delivered in kit form, with the components cut to the required lengths for on-site assembly, or they can be ordered and supplied in pre-assembled form. This method ensures that all sundry materials are correctly supplied, ensuring there is no wastage of steel.

Range of advantages

Light gauge steel offers a wide range of benefits when compared to conventional framing materials:

  • Cost effectiveness due to greater strength
  • Resistance to warping in adverse weather
  • Quality and durability of steel
  • Speed of construction
  • Reduced wastage

Industry accolades

MiTek has proven over time that its Ultra-Span light gauge steel roofing system is the product of choice and has been used successfully on various commercial projects. MiTek Licensed fabricators have won the SAISC Steel Awards in the light steel frame building category with Ultra-Span projects in 2010, 2015 and 2017.

MiTek had two SAISC Steel Award nominees in 2020, with projects supplied by MiTek licensed fabricators – EcoStrut and ABP Ghana.

MiTek has diversified into a global supplier of building products, providing engineering services and manufacturing equipment to all spheres of the construction industry, whether commercial, residential or industrial. Building trust through uncompromised commitment, their focus is firmly on the relationships built with their clients.

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