Insilico Advisor improves the efficiency of biologics manufacturing

Insilico Biotechnology AG has released a new product, the Insilico Advisor to improve efficiency of biologics manufacturing.

The manufacturing of biologics with consistent quality is challenging. Since the quality of biologics is impacted greatly by the cell culture process, the robustness of this process must be maintained in the face of variability in raw materials, production equipment, or even production sites. Currently, a deviation in the cell culture process is discovered only after it occurs and may result in batch failure. It is therefore highly desirable to predict any deviation early in the process which would enable corrective and preventive actions.

Klaus Mauch Insilico
Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology AG

Prevents deviations

The Insilico Advisor predicts cell culture performance and flags future deviations. Further, it also advises actions to correct and prevent the deviations. Thus, the Insilico Advisor enables model predictive monitoring of cell culture processes to increase the reliability and consistent quality of biologics manufacturing.

Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico, says: “Most people are aware of challenges in drug development. The long timelines, the high failure rates and high-stakes clinical trials are all common knowledge. However, most do not appreciate the challenges in manufacturing of approved drugs. Especially, manufacturing of biologics of consistent quality from living cells is very tricky. By enabling model-predictive monitoring, the Insilico Advisor reduces batch failures and provides information for root cause analysis if a failure does occur. We are happy to add the Advisor to our suite of products as our first solution for manufacturing-related challenges. We expect that it will lead to leaner manufacturing and ultimately to consistent quality and cheaper drugs for patients.”

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