Insimbi employees give their time

Insimbi dedicates 7 minutes to the New Beginnings FoundationThe Insimbi team were ably supported by Academy Brushware on Mandela Day. Insimbi Alloys, through their Nano paint division that manufactures Upendi Paints, support the incredible New Beginnings Foundation.

Insimbi identified the New Beginnings Foundation and in particular their Care Centre as a deserving recipient of their support. “The New Beginnings Foundation and its subsidiaries are truly a deserving cause and we are happy to be associated with them,” says Dudley de Beer Sales Director at Insimbi.

“Their work is truly remarkable and more importantly sustainable, and we urge all corporates to look at what New Beginnings offer both from a social and a mutually beneficial aspect for the foundation and corporates alike.”

New Beginnings – the name says it all

The New Beginnings Foundation is a vehicle to house the Social Initiatives and the Social Enterprise that fund the Foundation which consists of five wholly owned subsidiaries. Each subsidiary was established out of the necessity to fund the New Beginnings Care Centre, a social upliftment initiative aimed at rebuilding lives so that people could become self-sufficient contributing citizens.

The nucleus of the Foundation, the care centre, is a registered non-profit organisation addressing the needs of the disadvantaged. Founded in 1995, it is located in an old prison building and houses nearly 1 500 people. Education is provided for the children at an on-site crèche which currently has 180 children in attendance – ages range from newborns to pre-grade R.

Once school ready, the children are enrolled in local schools and their progress is monitored by trained facilitators.  Occupancy is multi-racial. The Care Centre staff is employed through the Staffing Division of the Foundation and trained through yet another Division – The Learning Academy.

New Beginnings Learning Academy is a learning solutions company that fulfils a dual purpose. The first focuses on community based social education and uplifting initiatives. These initiatives are geared to address the ‘upliftment’ and ‘up-skilling’ of communities including the dysfunctional elements in the rural communities in South Africa and the less empowered communities.

The second is a division primarily focused on Corporate Training offering SAQA registered unit standard learning solutions, learnerships and internships in conjunction with different SETA’s. This division is experiencing its best year since inception – corporates should ensure they take note of future enrolment dates and venues.

Established in 1996, New Beginnings Staffing serves as a staff and labour provider offering an extensive range of inter-related solutions.  It is divided into five areas – staffing, recruitment, human resource outsourcing, payroll management and training.

Services integration of operating divisions within these areas extends the group’s capabilities to a full service solutions provider. The staffing structure is core to the sustainable growth of the business and it will facilitate further development and innovation of new product lines and entry into new markets

The New Beginnings Incubator Special Projects is a division of the New Beginnings Foundation. The primary objective of this division is to initiate, develop and support new projects. The Incubator is used to house all new business ventures, social entrepreneurial start-ups and community centre initiatives. When entering into an Incubator project the current model of social entrepreneurship is combined with a business principal – a method that is effective and measurable creating value for its stakeholders. The Infinity Group and Thabisa Foundation are both part of the Incubator.

“Every day a lot of food is wasted in South Africa – the New Beginnings Food Distribution programmes distribute food and other resources to many organisations including children’s homes and old age homes, as well as other care centres and other non-profit organisations. The need however exceeds the resources and if you are looking for a reliable distribution network with all the necessary checks and balances in place please make contact with the Foundation.

Corporates looking at improving their BEE status level whilst serving society and benefiting from training and staffing solutions are welcome to contact New Beginnings – a tour of the Care Facility is a must and the Foundation can be contacted on 072-807-2149 or 011-892-2624.

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