Cutting edge peristaltic pumps created internationally but available locally

Air & Vacuum Technologies is the South African distributor of Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co. Ltd, a specialist in peristaltic pump technology.  

Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, specialising in R&D, manufacturing and sales of peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps and other precision fluid transfer equipment. 

35% of its staff is dedicated to R&D for peristaltic pumps and in 2014 it established its Technology Research Centre, which all culminates in an outstanding product quality.  

Did you know? 30% of Baoding Shenchen’s total annual profits are invested in R&D to develop technically advanced products 

Holistic fluid solution 

30% of Baoding Shenchen’s total annual profits are invested in R&D to develop technically advanced products. It provide a holistic fluid solution programme for customers. Its team is highly-qualified, young and innovative. It comprises of research engineers, application engineers, and a professional sales and service team. 

MODEL NO: BT100N Baoding Shenchen peristaltic pump

Industrial applications 

Baoding Shenchen’s products are widely used in research laboratories, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, fine chemical engineering, environmental not to mention all of the industrial applications. It is CE certified and exported to 103 countries worldwide, including South Africa where Air & Vacuum Technologies is the official distributor.  

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