Symrise launches naturals brand Maison Lautier 1795

Maison Lautier 1795 is reimagining natural perfumery by connecting the craft and métiers of the past with the innovations of the future. The first three product ranges of the brand were recently introduced by Symrise.

Built on the foundations of the heritage brand Lautier Fils, the new Maison Lautier 1795 brand combines Grassois savoir-faire with cutting-edge innovation to create a contemporary house with a sustainable vision for natural ingredients. This will enable the production of grand cru natural essences – curated, crafted and sourced sustainably from the four corners of the world.

The new Maison Lautier 1795 brand by Symrise

Symrise is building a factory in Grasse, France for Maison Lautier 1795 to reinforce its position in natural raw materials. This will complement its existing factories in Holzminden, Germany, and Madagascar. The return to Grasse goes beyond a symbolic gesture. The company intends to source as much raw material as possible within the immediate region, providing a boost to local cultivators. ‘Made in France’ will therefore form an important part of the product identity. This will add to the exceptional quality, sustainability and ethical business practices that have historically formed part of the Lautier brand. Similarly, the new house works only with brands that share the same values, a reciprocal philosophy and a deep-rooted love for naturals.

In the first phase of its operation, Maison Lautier 1795 will focus on three product lines:

  1. the Artisan Range
  2. the Madagascar Range
  3. the Supernature Range.

A closer look at the ranges

The savoir-faire of the craftspeople has inspired the Artisan Range. Their passion and intimate knowledge of plants and flowers form the lifeblood of Maison Lautier 1795. The range applies generations of craft and expertise to nature at its finest.

The Madagascar Range relates to the island from which Maison Lautier 1795 will source many of its ingredients. The range captures the place’s sense of abundant fertility and timelessness. The perfumes and scents that abound combine to create truly unique fragrances. This distils Madagascar’s essence of pure nature: wild, raw, mysterious and magnificent. With its backward integrated value chain, from the plant to the essential oil, Symrise sources a variety of precious natural raw materials on the island. It runs its own operations and employees work with smallholder farmers year round. This industry-unique approach ensures benefits for all members along the value chain – from the growers to the consumers of the scents.

The Supernature Range brings the best of nature together with the innovations of the future. Maison Lautier 1795 cultivates some of the richest and most fertile terroirs in the world. It also amplifies these naturals by using innovative techniques in sourcing, upcycling and cold treatment, such as the patented SymTrap method of extracting scents from food byproducts.

In this way, Supernature applies science to form a symbiosis of nature, craft and ingenuity with innovations harnessing the pure energy of the natural world.

Modern technology combined with a pioneering legacy

Ricardo Omori, Senior VP Global Fine Fragrance at Symrise, says: “We are combining the rich heritage and pioneering legacy of Grasse’s Lautier Fils with our own technological innovations – and Madagascar’s raw abundant nature. Together, these elements form a new entity: Maison Lautier 1795, a truly modern brand with deep roots in the history of scent-making. For us, returning to working with naturals comes with several facets. We consider it important to include elements of previous eras, because we respect the Lautier legacy so much. Also, we genuinely want to incorporate sustainable practices from planting to the final product.”

Camille Quintin, Supply Chain Director Maison Lautier 1795, says: “We feel honored by this incredible opportunity and to receive the chance to participate in writing the history of Lautier. This heritage of knowledge built on the will to undertake, to innovate, to perfect, to reach excellence animates us more than ever today. We know that the quality of a product begins at its source at the level of the plant and its producer. We find it necessary to create a link between the actors to give meaning to our activity. The environment, social engagement, the sustainability of our supply chains, the quality of our relationships with our partners and the optimization of our processes form essential values that our products reflect in every facet.”

A contemporary brand

Maison Lautier 1795 builds on ancient roots. Lautier, the genuinely iconic French supplier of natural ingredients for fragrances and flavours, was founded in Grasse in 1795. From humble beginnings, Lautier grew into a world leader with a catalogue of over a thousand natural products, one of the industry’s largest. On its journey, the company has always followed the mission to supply premium ingredients while also protecting its partner communities and nature, making sure to draw on sustainable sources. This, together with innovations in sustainability and quality, Maison Lautier 1795 now looks to enshrine in its own legacy – a new heritage for future generations.

A pre-launch event was hosted in Grasse on 7 June followed by an official commercial launch at the World Perfumery Congress on 29 June. It featured the first collection of 15 carefully selected raw ingredients. It included vanilla, geranium, longoza, pink pepper leaf and mandarin from Madagascar. The collection showcased options from the Artisan Range, iris, sandalwood dreche, jasmine and boya, complemented by the natural fruit collection of strawberry, apple, cranberry, banana, and blackcurrant from the Supernature Range.

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