Packaging that packs the promotional punch

Florence Mqumbisa, who operates the GERBERcutter GTxLJodam Manufacturers, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-made promotional items for the cosmetics and personal care industry, is expanding at an impressive rate with a string of installations of new machinery and technologies.

Established in 1986 by husband and wife team, Barry and Bernice Thal, the company is a family owned and managed operation based in Wynberg, Johannesburg, focusing on creating specific products according to client brief and budget.

In the last 12 months, Jodam has transitioned in a big way into dye sublimation. Previously, the majority of its business focused on screen printing, yet with the advances in technology and the unmatched benefits of dye sublimation, Barry knew that sublimation would be a good way to grow the business.

‘The quality of dye sublimation printing is far better than screen printing. It also works out more cost-effective from a productivity and waste perspective. We‘re able to produce more goods in less time, with far less waste,’ he says. ‘This is why we’ve purchased a Monti Antonio rotary press with a patented, sealed oil drum, which is ideal for roll-to-roll transfer printing or direct-to-textile ink reactivation.’

Superior digital solutions

With digital printing technologies literally multiplying the possibilities for brand owners in terms of short runs, promotional packs and experimental designs, Jodam has grown its capabilities in the market with the purchase of various digital printing machines. The latest additions to its stable include a Roland large format Versa Art RE640 digital printer, which supports the company’s two other large format machines of the same kind.

It also recently invested in a Roland VersaUV LEF-20, which has provided for Jodam’s growth into offering digitally printed promotional items such as nail files, candles etc for the personal care segment. This near magical printing technology transfers high quality images directly on a vast array of substrates as well as 3D objects like golf balls. The machine uses advanced ECO-UV inks, which conform around the most complex corners and curves.

Jodam has also added a GERBERcutter GTxL to its facility, to cut materials at compressed heights up to 2.5cm. With its user-friendly approach, low cost of ownership, and superb accuracy and throughput, the GTxL delivers the best price-performance in its class. Barry adds, ‘The solution has automated processes previously done by hand. Since the installation of the cutter a few months back, the operator, Florence Mqumbisa, who has basic skills training and education, has mastered this piece of computerised equipment and the associated software to run it highly efficiently and effectively.’

Attractive opportunities

According to Jodam’s marketing and sales manager, Jodi Fittinghoff, the company has grown exponentially in the past 12 months. ‘We’re now working with and branding on PU and leatherettes, and offer a much greater variety of products, designs and finishes, including branding on zip sliders which is protected by hard resin for increased longevity,’ she explains.

The company’s competitive pricing, best in class quality, ability to deliver on short lead times, and reduced minimum order quantity of 250 units, make it the ideal supplier for corporates, cosmetics manufacturers and retail chains placing an increased focus on sourcing home grown services.

Discussing some of the trends in the market, Fittinghoff has noticed that upmarket cosmetics and personal care brands are employing more subtle branding techniques. ‘Branding is still important but it’s no longer in your face,’ she comments. ‘Some of the popular techniques we’re seeing include branding the inner lining of cosmetics and toiletry bags, or using a tone-on-tone varnish print to create beautiful embossed finishes and debossed branding for example on a bag handle.’

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