Johnson & Johnson overhauls its office automation with brand Xerox

Johnson & Johnson’s IT specialist, Sean NomdoeLeading pharmaceutical and personal care company, Johnson & Johnson, has standardised its office automation equipment with Xerox through the Cape Town based Oxbow and Bytes Document Solutions (BDS).

Johnson & Johnson’s South African head office and pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is situated in Retreat, Cape Town. The company also has a second manufacturing plant in East London and sales offices in Johannesburg and Durban. Therefore the switch to Xerox meant scouting for the best suppliers of the brand not only in Cape Town but also in East London and Johannesburg. 

Sourcing the right supplier 

‘We consulted a number of different suppliers but only Oxbow, together with BDS, came close to what we needed as a company of 1 000-plus on-site employees,’ says Johnson & Johnson’s IT specialist, Sean Nomdoe. 

The company is a highly regulated one operating within a highly regulated industry, and as such has strict protocols for every aspect of its business. He adds, ‘A large part of that is the printing and signing of documents – both physically and electronically.’ 

The full investment 

To date, Johnson & Johnson has invested in 14 multifunction Xerox machines of different configurations and capabilities. It has also invested in numerous copiers for its national branches, and has recently moved from an outright purchase plan to a rental maintenance plan in order to ensure continuity and technology currency. 

Nomdoe says the transition from an ownership to a rental and maintenance model was even more seamless than the switch to Xerox, mainly because of the personal interaction with Oxbow.

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