Juan Hay From Build It, Jeffreys Bay, Talks All Things Ultra-span

: Juan Hay from Build It, Jeffreys Bay, speaks about the benefits of MiTek’s Ultra-span and PAMIR 3D visualisation software.
Juan Hay from Build It Jeffreys Bay says that MiTek’s PAMIR software helps architects, designers and builders alike get improved 3D visualisation of their projects.

“We’ve been using MiTek’s Ultra-span for some years now and it’s proving an excellent addition to our portfolio,” says Juan Hay, who began his franchise operation back in 2017.

“It’s the combination of the lightweight but very strong steel Ultra-span with MiTek’s great PAMIR software that’s proving so versatile and useful, and proving to be a great alternative for our customers who need to span large areas, with easy to deliver and erect systems.

“However, we still get customers who think of steel products as being heavy, harder to manoeuvre and less flexible in application, but we’re able to show them that Ultra-span is very different. And the new PAMIR software, particularly with its amazing 3D capability, is helping us to win work.

“The 3D aspect of PAMIR is outstanding. I’ve been able to blow architects’ minds by showing them the 3D model of their projects, which they can physically zoom in on using their laptops, tablets or even phones – I’ve secured several jobs purely on the strength of this, and it’s leading to repeat business.”

Hay says that PAMIR is helping architects, designers and builders alike get improved visualisation of their projects and enabling them to spot where adjustments might be needed. “It means they can make changes at an earlier stage and avoid potentially costly design errors.”

Ultra-span is designed and built to quality standards off-site – and arrives at the customer’s site ready to install. Its lightweight steel fabrication makes installation easier, and enables straightforward access to services both during the fit-out and for later maintenance.

As the lightweight steel will not corrode, is inflammable, is mould and rodent resistant, Ultra-span is a great construction solution whether for home extension, a supermarket new-build or a housing project, says Hay.

It’s not just the MiTek products and software that Hay rates, however. It’s also the business relationship that they’ve built over time that is, he says, fundamental to Build IT Jeffreys Bay’s success.

MiTek’s almost like family to me these days,” he jokes. “If I’m working late on a customer project and I ring my MiTek contact in the evening to see if he can help, he always answers. MiTek people are always up for the challenge and just as keen to come up with solutions as we are.”

Another bonus, notes Hay, is that MiTek is constantly developing and improving the software, and takes on board feedback from their customers to help them refine their offerings. “And they’ll always let me know if they have any new functionality or add-ons available,” he says. “I always say yes please!”

The benefits of MiTek’s Ultra-span and PAMIR It seems obvious to Hay. “The combination of lightweight steel gauge roofing and being able to see exactly how designs are going to look in context with other parts of your project is extremely powerful. “It’s a no-brainer for me. Why wouldn’t you want to use this approach? It’s certainly helping us to build our business, attract new customers and win repeat contracts.”

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