Lab equipment to ensure pharma compliance 

L1 Assist Plus (Image: Labotec)

Labotec provides solutions and technical services to accelerate science. Included in this offering is a range of laboratory equipment designed to help customers ensure pharmaceutical compliance.  

Water activity  

Labotec supports Novasina’s instruments used to detect the water activity in products. The LabMaster Neo water activity meter with cutting-edge technology can be used to investigate the source of product spoilage, texture failures, or rancidity.   

Click here for an in-depth analysis of the water activity meter in a pharmaceutical application.  

ULT freezers 

Laboratories require reliable and effective cold storage solutions for their samples, often at a very specific temperature range, to advance critical research, adequately store samples, or accelerate the development of new therapies. 

Just launched, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s ULT TSX Universal Series freezers -80°C are ideal for vaccine storage. They are CE compliant, manufactured in a GMP ISO class facility, and IQ OQ testing is available.  

With Universal V-Drive technology, tighter control, faster recovery times, universal voltage, and an expanded setpoint range, the TSX Universal Series seamlessly adapts to diverse workflows, from high-use academic labs to longer-term storage facilities. Delivering both industry-leading performance and energy efficiency, the TSX Universal Series allows labs to meet their sustainability goals without sacrificing performance. 


IQ OQ certification is offered as an option by Labotec on all Miele glasswashers (except the entry-level washers), for the pharma industry.  

Pipetting robots 

The pharma industry requires accurate and precise liquid handling solutions for almost every task, including cell culture maintenance and QA/QC testing for pharmaceutical, antibody or vaccine production.  

User-friendly automation that can be rapidly implemented with minimal training – like INTEGRA’s pipetting robots – helps to ensure the quality of the end products. Together with convenient laboratory aids, such as INTEGRA’s pipette controllers and aspiration systems, these solutions help to enhance safety and improve the efficiency, productivity and data security of the lab. Scientists save time and benefit from optimal ergonomics while minimising the potential for human error and having the flexibility to switch easily from one project to another. 

Benchtop meters 

Thermo Scientific Orion Star Com software makes it easy to transfer data from your meter to a computer and it is compatible with the Orion Star A and Orion Versa Star meters.  

Thermo Scientific Orion Versa Star Pro Benchtop Meter with pH / ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen / RDO modules will meet your most challenging applications for pH, ion concentration, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. 

Orion Star Com software transfers measurement and calibration data from your meter to a computer in a few simple steps. Use the meter data log to take measurements when your samples are ready and then transfer measurements to a computer at your convenience. Orion Star A and Versa Star meters have a non-volatile memory, so data remains intact. 

Thermo Scientific Orion Versa Star Pro Benchtop Meter with pH / ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen / RDO modules (Image: Labotec)

Water purification 

The ELGA Veolia Purelab Pharma Compliance delivers a lab water solution focused on building the perfect relationship between discovery, production, and traceability, resulting in an intuitive, efficient, and compliant purification system. 

Purelab Pharma Compliance is packed with innovative features optimised for QC laboratories. It offers all the necessary purification, software capabilities, qualification documentation, and online support services necessary for the validation required to meet GMP. This includes secure software providing the evidence to meet FDA and EU standards for digital record keeping. Qualification documents provided enable the unit to support labs subject to validation under GxP. 

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