Labotec Supplies Vwr Microscope Slides Locally

Labotec will supply the VWR range of glass microscope slides for cytology, histology, and general microbiology applications to the local industry in sub-Sahara Africa as from January 2022. This range fully encompasses all slide types; from frosted, bevelled, smooth, square, silane coated, adhesion and many other alternatives using high quality glass to support this a comprehensive range.

The VWR glass microscope slides for staining experiments are constructed of high-quality sheet glass and soda-lime glass; economical options include disposable clear vinyl or standard sheet glass slides. Choose plain or frosted products with or without coverslips. Clipped or bevelled corners are offered as well as color-coded and markable slides for organisation. One can purchase blank slides or prepared microscope slides in your choice of dimensions and thickness in packs or larger cases. Storage boxes for microscope slides of various sizes and materials are also available.

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