Cosmogen collaborates with Lancôme

Cosmogen supplies two applicator brushes for the Lancôme X Louvre Richelieu palette.

Lancôme x Louvre Richelieu Wing limited edition eyeshadow palette (Image: Cosmogen)

For its Lancôme x Louvre Richelieu Wing limited edition eyeshadow palette, Lancôme entrusted Cosmogen with the creation of the two mini double applicators included in the Richelieu palette. Their black handle with aluminium ferrule accommodates three NBR foam tips and one bevelled tuft of PBT bristles to apply shades and materials professionally to all areas of the face.

A palette of surprising shades

With the Richelieu multi-use palette, Lancôme celebrates the sculpture of Corine, a Greek poet from the 5th century BC, presented in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre. The poetry of this palette, created by Lisa Eldridge, is inspired by the magnetic light of the gallery, punctuated by the relief of the sculptures revealing their silent but surprising beauty.

“The texture is very creamy and easy to blend. With these shades, you can use it as a highlighter, for light and deep complexions. You can apply it with your finger or brush, on the eyes or lips. The green shade is sublime as a liner or for a smoky eye look,” says Lisa Eldridge.

An expert in skincare and makeup application

Cosmogen offers a wide choice of fully customisable eco-designed mini applicators with handles made from aluminium, RPP, RPET, RPET or PBT tuft from post industrial recycling material. Cosmogen’s internal product life cycle analysis tool specifically dedicated to brushes makes it possible to measure the impact of each of the solutions proposed.

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