Leading manufacturer and converter of closed cell Performance Foams

Sondor Performance Foams related products to all industries needing technical solutions for sealing, thermal and acoustic insulation, protection, packaging and buoyancy applications in local and selected export markets.

Polyclosure the roof

Sondor Polyclosures are eave and ridge fillers, manufactured from a durable expanded closed cell polyethylene. They are dustproof, bird-proof, waterproof, UV resistant and weather resistant. Polyclosures are easy to install and are available in most profiles in both narrow and broad flutes.

Prevents dust, draughts and birds from nesting in eaves and ridges.  Polyclosures are resilient and fit snugly into all types of roofing profiles.  They add a professional finishing touch to your roofing structure.

The benefits of polyclosures

  • Waterproof, weather and UV resistant.
  • Dust proof and extremely durable.
  • Easy to install and available in both broad and narrow flutes in a wide variety to fit all standard profiles.
  • Polyclosures are resilient and fit snugly into all types of roofing profiles.

Sondor can manufacture any profile according to requirements. Please refer to our product leaflet for typical profiles manufactured by Sondor.

Servicing the industry for over 70 years, the manufacturing facility and Head Office supplies conveniently located branches in major centres with bulk materials for quick conversion to customer specifications.

Sondor’s products are CFC and HCFC free. Comply with international standards, including where applicable: ISO 9001 or TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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