How advisers can stay up to date with tax, pension and estate laws

By Janice Roberts

LexisNexis publishes an extensive range of tax, financial services and trust publications. Content includes legislation, commentary and case law. The financial services suite of products covers subject areas such as pensions, wills, trusts and estates, while the range of tax titles, which have been trusted and relied on by tax practitioners for years, boasts the most comprehensive collection available. LexisNexis are currently running their annual Spring Sale, in which customers can save up to 50% on selected titles.

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Here are just some of the titles available: 

Professional Tax Handbook 2018/19


This two volume handbook provides tax professionals with a comprehensive and accessible record of tax legislation, including income tax, VAT, estate duty, transfer duty and tax administration legislation. It incorporates the legislative amendments made during the current tax year, as well as pending amendments. It includes the consolidated Acts and tax rates, together with related regulations, interpretation and practice notes, rulings and indexes. Updated annually.

Deloitte VAT Handbook 2019

Author: Mark Silver

The Deloitte VAT Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the application of the provisions of the Value-Added Tax Act. The commentary is practical and facilitates understanding of the mechanics of the VAT system. It is fully cross-referenced to sections of the VAT and Tax Administration Acts and indexed. The book includes the VAT Act and all relevant regulations, the Tax Administration Act as well as VAT interpretation and practice notes, binding general rulings and lists of class and private rulings, lists of VAT forms and SARS guides. Also includes a summary of case law dealing specifically with VAT issues. Updated to 1 March 2019.

Broomberg on Tax Strategy 5 ed

Authors: Peter DachsAH DaveyDes Kruger ML Stein

A practical and strategic commentary on achieving tax efficiency, both corporate and personal.

Nearly every economic act has a tax implication, whether it relates to income tax or VAT. Timeous tax planning can often achieve positive tax savings, while a failure to apply your mind to the efficacy of a transaction could conceivably cause fiscal catastrophe. This work is aimed at providing the information necessary to enable parties to achieve tax efficiency and savings. The work discusses a range of contracts with tax implications including sale of a business, service contracts, damages/compensation payments.

Tax for public benefit organisations

Author: ML Stein 

The book covers all the provisions of the Income Tax Act that deal with PBOs, most importantly those that provide the requirements for approval by SARS of a PBO as a tax exempt body; those that deal with the donations tax position of donations to PBOs and the law governing the deduction of donations to PBOs. The book also deals with the provisions of the Income Tax Act covering the provisional tax status of PBOs, provisions dealing with the dividends tax and PBOs, the capital gains tax concessions for PBOs, some provisions on PBOs and corporate restructuring and how the recently introduced provisions dealing with small business funding entities affect PBOs.

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