Liberty launches Agile 2: Guaranteed returns during economic uncertainty

By Janice Roberts

The significant success of Liberty’s Agile retirement solution, combined with the current market uncertainty has spurred the insurer to introduce a new feature to the retirement solution by launching Agile 2. The enhancements now allow investors to realise more aggressive, guaranteed investment returns.

Agile in its first incarnation gave customers the option to have a guaranteed income in retirement for a portion of their retirement investment along with the ability to invest aggressively in multiple portfolios according to their retirement strategy. Now, exciting new enhancements have resulted in Agile 2, the ultimate retirement solution that includes unique guaranteed options on all your investment portfolios.

Mark Lapedus, Divisional Director of Product Development at Liberty says, “Agile 2 truly responds to customer needs. Under the current investment environment investors tend to be nervous about their money. They worry about the risk of losing their retirement money and rightfully so. The current investment reality is that no financial institution can guarantee your income when you retire.”

A solution – More risk, better returns and guaranteed income

Agile 2 allows investors to take on more investment risk in order to improve returns as well as provide protection against volatile markets. Retirees have the opportunity to harness the full might of the stock market to increase their standard of living and the financial legacy they leave their heirs. “This solution is competitively priced and flexible enough to address customers’ specific retirement investment goals,” adds Lapedus.

Before Liberty’s Agile solutions hit the market, investment choices in retirement were too conservative, meaning lower expected returns. A critical new feature of Agile 2, the High Watermark Guarantee, tackles market uncertainty head on and allows for more risk but with protection which results in increased rewards.

The High Watermark Guarantee was first introduced to the market when Liberty launched another first, the Bold Living Annuity. It gives customers the freedom to make bolder investment choices by selecting higher risk funds with higher expected returns and provides peace of mind that their downside risk is protected. The High Watermark Guarantee ensures that customers get every opportunity to maximise their returns.

Existing customers rewarded for loyalty

Liberty will allow existing RA customers to transfer to Agile 2 without having to carry the cost of the transfer.

Lapedus says, “Agile 2 is not only available to new customers. To reward their continued loyalty existing Liberty Retirement Annuity investors will be able to transfer across to Agile 2 and will not have to incur any early termination charges on their existing investment if they move. Liberty will carry the early termination costs over into the new investment but will only levy it if the clients moves out of the new investment.”

Agile 2 confirms Liberty’s intention to continue to deliver innovative solutions that respond to customer needs and address the fear of investing during tough economic climate.

“Speak to a Liberty accredited Adviser or Broker to structure a holistic solution for your retirement needs,” says Lapedus.

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