Woolworths launches Longmarket Barber range

Pack shots of the products in the Woolworths Longmarket Barber rangeThe Longmarket range, which includes the Longmarket Barber and Longmarket Soap Company, is now available exclusively at Woolworths by the Woolworths Good Beauty Journey.

The leading South African retail chain has entered the Longmarket Barber range into the 2017 Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Products for the modern man

Using a blend of specifically chosen ingredients, the Longmarket Barber formulations from Woolworths are designed to create high-quality grooming options that cater for the needs of the contemporary South African man. The products include a shaving cream, aftershave balm, beard oil, hair and body wash, shave and body soap, hair wax, and an exfoliating face wash.

The range is dermatologically and toxicology approved. The palm oil and palm oil-derived materials used in the range are responsibly sourced and approved by Beauty without Cruelty.

A winning brand

Woolworths won the Packaging Award in the 2016 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition for its African Ingredients Body Care range. The judges noted it was one of a few local personal care companies making use of the correct recyclability logos on its packaging.

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