Glam up your eyes with Resulook advanced botanical ingredient

By Abby Vorster

Lubrizol Life Science Beauty has introduced Resulook advanced botanical ingredient, which promotes the growth and density of the eyelashes and eyebrows. The aim of the ingredient is to revive the appearance of the eyes.

Consumer interest is growing in eye makeup and beauty care for brows and lashes. Using Artificial Intelligence, Lubrizol Life Science Beauty has gained valuable insights into the demand for eye care products. According to the findings of its research, eye care products with vegan and organic claims are in high demand. “Volumising” and “lengthening” are highlighted as the most popular benefits sought from mascara and brow products. And brow serums becoming an important player in the beauty routine.

A close-up shot of a women's eye framed with eyeliner
Lubrizol Life Science Beauty created Resulook advanced botanical ingredient to bring new life to the appearance of the eyes

Resurrection plant a symbol of hope

Resulook advanced botanical ingredient is based on a raw material sustainably sourced from Myrothamnus flabellifolius, a plant species indigenous to South Africa which is commonly known as the ‘resurrection plant’. The plant has the ability to revive itself after rainfall subsequent to being dormant during periods of drought.

In African traditional medicine, Myrothamnus flabellifolius is regarded as a symbol of hope. Zulu people of South Africa believed that the revival characteristic of the plant could be transferred to the sick during treatment.

Eco-friendly technology

Inspired by the traditional uses of the botanical, Lubrizol Life Science Beauty created Resulook advanced botanical ingredient to bring new life to the appearance of the eyes. The plant’s unique benefit is harnessed through the use of Phenobio subcritical water technology, which is an eco-friendly alternative to using conventional chemical solvents. The technology generates a broader range of phyto-actives in higher concentrations.

In vitro testing has shown that Resulook advanced botanical ingredient improves hair anchorage and supports hair growth. Clinical testing performed with a serum and a mascara containing 2% of the botanical ingredient showed a 164% increase in eyelash length compared to a placebo. Other results included a lash lift effect and filling effect for bolder eyebrows.

Sustainable sourcing and ethical practices

The resurrection plant is not only sustainably extracted but it is also sustainably and ethically sourced. Lubrizol Life Science Beauty works with a partner in Zimbabwe, which employs over 100 farmers from rural communities who harvest resurrection sprigs around their villages and are also trained in sustainable harvesting, pre-processing and quality management. The organisation’s mission is to contribute to community development throughout the region by generating alternative production activities and employment opportunities while improving living conditions.

The sprigs are then distributed by Lubrizol Life Science Beauty’s sourcing partner in South Africa. This business partner works together with a NGO, the Samara Foundation, to ensure the benefits flow back into the harvesting communities.

Resulook advanced botanical ingredient was showcased by Lubrizol Life Science Beauty at in-cosmetics Global, which took place in Paris, France from 5 to 7 April. The botanical ingredient is available in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals.

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