Mac Brothers new products

scrub sink from Mac Brothers medical and pathology products

Mac Brothers new products launched on the Mac Care Range.

Mac Brothers recently displayed their new range of Mac Care medical and pathology sanitary ware at the SAFHE exhibition in Cape Town.

Clients were surprised by the quality and design of Mac Brothers new products. This was made possible with the use of an R25m investment. The investment in high tech manufacturing equipment and research in the market met the new safety standards.

hospital and mortuary equipment scrub sinks from Mac Brothers

International comments were surprisingly high. With more than 810 global views on the digital platform. This is the first time a South African producer can produce medical sanitary ware, such as the new scrub sink to compete with European standards.

This new range is based on consultation with end-users, architects and engineers to improve hygiene and safety.

As with all our product offerings, our fully qualified team of designers liaise with clients from conceptualisation through to final building plans, focusing on creating an efficient, sustainable and productive working environment that is world-class.

The company launched some of it’s latest pathology and mortuary products at the exhibition. The products are manufactured in Cape Town. Under a license agreement with a leading UK company.

The company is committed to further expansion of its product range to the healthcare industry.

pathology table from Mac Brothers new products for healthcare in South Africa


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