Optimum macadamia processing

Macridge expands range using Tomra sorting machine Flip Potgieter and his son Philip started building Macridge in 2003. Since 2011, Philip has been in the driving seat at the company, a well established macadamia factory in Limpopo in South Africa.

The company specialises in the processing and marketing of macadamia nuts and recently decided to partner with Tomra Sorting Solutions to increase throughput as well as achieve higher product quality.

The Potgieter’s had a vision of their own macadamia processing factory that would include value-added lines for macadamia oil and roasting of nuts, as well as manufacturing their own bio-diesel. This dream is now a reality, and tractors run on bio fuel while the oil is available at all leading stores.Tomra sorting machine macridge

Efficient and effective sorting technology

Philip Potgieter says, ‘Macridge is a privately owned company with a real passion for its product and the people that are connected to it. Our company was started and built on a vision of a single person, with the aim of becoming a business that will not only thrive and expand, but also give something back to the community. In this case, we provide work opportunities and self improvement to disadvantaged groups in the surrounding areas.’

macadamia trees‘The Tomra A Helius sorting machine embraces technology that makes it more effective and efficient than any of the technology offered by competitors. The machine is capable of sorting across a diverse cross section of the product. The fact that it provides a dynamic range of programming preferences and online setting options to fine tune its sorting capabilities as well as the fact that it is extremely user friendly, ultimately made the decision for us to purchase straighaway,’ says Potgieter.nut samples

‘By installing Tomra’s Helius sorter, we increased our throughput and production by 140 per cent and reduced our labour count by approximately 32 people. We have been able to sort products, which were previously sorted by hand. This in turn, has had a direct effect on the volumes recovered, and the financial value of the product.’

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