Make quality sausages in a flash with the GEA CutMaster

At IFFA in Frankfurt, GEA demonstrated its industry expertise and technological know-how in the field of high-tech equipment and line competence in the food industry, including in the application of sausage production. The GEA CutMaster, the market leader in terms of speed, is the key machine for producing high quality sausage on an effective way. However, the versatile system can do much more, where ever its needed to cut and mix for example the production of various high-quality end products of the innovative food industry, such as filling mass for dumplings or combined with pasta, protein snacks containing cereals and honey or petfood.


he GEA CutMaster – the market leader in terms of speed

With more than 70 years of experience and the synergetic effects of a worldwide successful company, GEA has set new standards for the processing industry with its GEA CutMaster range. Once invented as the well-known Propeller – Blitz cutter of the family -owned company Krämer+Grebe in Biedenkopf-Wallau (Germany), the CutMaster, which is still produced in this city but in a modern lean organised GEA production plant, has since been further developed.

High speed and flexible production for all kind of sausage

The leading models of the GEA CutMaster cuts, mixes and emulsifies all different kinds of sausage products from coarse to very fine. The machine offers a high flexibility via variable cutting speed and highest degree of fines due to extremely high cutting speeds of more than 160 m/s. GEA developed a special feature for more flexibility, named buffle plate. The plate builds a defined room around the fast turning knife to hold the meat long as possible in the cutting area to receive a very fine emulsion. If customers need to change quickly the system for gentle cutting like for raw sausages the buffle plate can easily turned out.

Optionally, the GEA CutMaster can also vacuum, cook or cool products, so additional equipment will no longer be required. It is also suitable for a wide range of poultry, fish, confectionery, vegetarian products, processed cheese and many basic products in the food processing industry as well in the pet food industry.

CutMaster DUO – with second knife head higher capacity for raw sausage

When capacity all come to its limits for production of dry fermented products like Salami, from coarse to very fine structures, with only one knife head, GEA developed and integrated a second knife head with two independent drives and special knifes in one bowl, each with variable speed control.

The production process of raw sausage needs to be very fast and sensitive, so the final salt and starter culture addition has no chance to bind proteins – this would prevent the later ongoing drying and fermentation process.

The meat mix must retain its open structure so that the water content can be reduced during the drying process.

The two independent driven knife shafts with the specially designed raw sausage knife heads enable this fast mixing and cutting process. The raw sausage recipe mix is ready in two to three minutes, which is an extremely short batch time.

The CutMaster offers shortest processing times, achieving uniform grain size with clean cut and minimal temperature increase.

VSH TopCut knife head

The VSH version of the TopCut knife head has been improved in terms of variability, safety and hygiene. It has been made more hygienic by removing grooves and gaps from the closed discs. The fixing bolts are integrated into the support discs. These modifications make thorough cleaning easier. Operational safety has been improved by incorporating a reduced number of support discs which reduces the rotational mass due to less weight on the shaft. Clearly marked support discs avoid incorrect installation, further boosting safety. Every knife can be placed on any possible position. The feature GEA Quick-Lock-Cut fixes the knife heads with the right tension and pressure with a hydraulic nut. This allows the operation to set the knife in the right tension very easily.

Hygienic and ergonomic design

The GEA CutMaster DUO is designed according to the latest hygienic standards, with curved angles and easy access for cleaning and inspection. From an operator perspective, the machine is designed in such way that the operator has a good overview and full process control at all times, with easy access to the operating panel and infeed and outfeed. The height and scale of the GEA CutMaster DUO is built with the operator’s ergonomic needs in mind.

GEA offers fully automated production lines, where the CutMaster can integrated easily, ensuring consistent high-quality products and minimising labour costs with full traceability. GEA is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of complete preparation solutions for processed meat, poultry and fish as well as other products. All GEA technology developments are application-oriented and support customers in optimising their production sites. With machines from GEA customers are prepared for the future – go with market trends and react very quickly on special demands.

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