Makita celebrates 100 years of innovation

Makita DHP456SP Metallic Impact Drill Driver - limited Centenary Edition

In celebration of Makita’s 100-year anniversary, Makita has produced a limited edition Model DHP456ZK Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion Impact Drill/ Driver in a beautiful Makita Metallic Blue.

Starting out as an importer of Makita products in the 1960s, Rutherford was appointed sole distributor of the Makita brand in southern Africa in 1985 and today, through focused marketing, new technology and world class after sales support, Makita has become a brand leader in the region.

  • 1915 Makita was founded by Mr Mosaburo Makita. The business started with the repair of electric motors under the name Makita Denki Seisakusa (Makita Electric Machine Company).
  • 1930s Makita expanded its operation, exporting generators to the Soviet Union.
  • 1945 relocation of the Makita head office to Anjo City, where Makita is still located today.
  • 1950 Makita had expanded focusing on manufacturing complete machines rather than only motors.
  • 1958 Makita released their first power tool, the portable electric hand planer. Later, in the same year, the portable groove cutter was introduced, positioning Makita as a specialised manufacturer of electric power tools.
  • 1960 Makita discontinued motor manufacturing and focused entirely on power tools.
  • 1962 launched an electric circular saw and drill in.
  • 1963 the company liquidates all liabilities through their huge success.
  • 1968 Makita was rated the number one company in Japan for overall operations and financial success.
  • 1970s Makita expands global operations including facilities in America, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.
  • 1978 Makita introduced the first 7.2V Ni-cd cordless drill, which was developed over a 10-year period of rigorous design and testing to ensure quality. Makita has been used in numerous landmark applications; President Bill Clinton photographed using a Makita Cordless Drill.
  • 1998 Makita became the first power tool in space, when NASA’s Endeavour mission included the Makita cordless drills as part of their maintenance equipment.
  • 2000 saw an increase in innovation which was the direct result of on-going extensive research and development. Makita released their patented Super Joint System (SJS) providing angle grinders with more power, increased durability and improved safety as well as Metal eXtreme technology.
  • 2007 the Makita18V Lithium-Ion range was launched to the Southern African market.

Some of the latest additions to the southern African range include brushless motor cordless models, a host of new and updated corded models and the new ‘side by side’ Lithium-Ion Cordless Tools, which use two 18V batteries to supply the motor with 36V of power.

Cordless technology

The advent of Lithium-Ion Cordless technology has meant the user no longer needs to rely on a readily available power supply, whether on a job site or in a factory, effectively achieving the productivity and performance that comes with using a cordless power tool. Run and charge times are also faster and far more efficient than earlier Ni-Cd models. All Makita 18V 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries are interchangeable with Makita 18V tools in their range, while the 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah batteries are compatible with model numbers starting with D, or battery terminals with a star emblem. The battery charge time of a 3.0Ah battery is a mere 22 minutes, while the 4.0Ah takes slightly longer at 36 minutes, and the 5.0Ah, 45 minutes.

All 18V Lithium-Ion tools are supplied as tools – batteries and chargers are sold separately, making it cost effective for customers to add to their collection without having to purchase a specific battery and charger every time.

The new and exciting 36V addition to current range comprises of three models in which two 18V batteries are installed in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system: a Cordless Rotary Hammer (Model -DHR263ZK), Cordless Circular Saw (DHS710ZK) and Cordless Chain Saw (DUC302Z).

Also in the 18V cordless range, Makita’s new DML801 LED flashlight, with its rotatable and foldable head, provides up to nine hours of light using a 3.0Ah battery with all the LED lights powered up, and up to 22 hours if switched to half power, so you won’t be left in the dark.

Brushless motors

The new brushless motor models in the Makita range provide the user with more efficient energy consumption. This is due to the fact that there is little or no friction, enabling lower amperage for reduced heat production and greatly reduced maintenance costs. Makita’s new brushless motor models are stronger, lighter, smaller, smarter and more durable. They include the 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder (DGA454ZK), Cordless Impact Driver Drill (DHP481ZK), Cordless Impact Wrench (DTW281ZK) and Cordless Jig Saw (DJV182ZK).

Corded products

New corded products include the new Makita Rotary Hammer Model and HR4013C with Anti Vibration Technology and Soft No Load function, which reduces the motor speed during idling; a new 115mm Angle Grinder featuring a paddle switch for ease of use, as well as upgrades to several existing models. Many more models will be launched throughout the year.

Commemorative tool

In celebration of Makita’s 100-year anniversary, Makita has produced a limited edition Model DHP456ZK Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion Impact Drill/ Driver in a beautiful Makita Metallic Blue.

Makita is a well-known global brand in over 40 countries and is an innovation leader, providing quality and durable products that are trusted by professionals on jobsites throughout the world.

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