Mane Kancor wins award at FI India 2023

Mane Kancor’s Rosehip Extract was chosen as one of the top 3 most innovative ingredients in the recently concluded FI India 2023, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

Derived from the spherical, reddish-orange fruit that emerges from the pollinated blossoms of Rosa species, this extract brings forth the essence of rosehips. Its proficiency lies in complementing and enhancing the cherished rosehip flavour across an extensive array of culinary uses. With a delightful balance of tanginess and subtle floral sweetness, the extract seamlessly enriches a spectrum of creations such as jams, jellies, and beverages, faithfully embodying the authentic essence of rosehip.

One of the extract’s remarkable attributes is its capacity to endure baking processes while maintaining its flavour integrity, rendering it ideal for incorporation into baked goods. Its unwavering consistency of flavour, akin to that found in freshly picked rose petals, imparts an entirely novel and heightened dimension of taste to the end product. This development not only adds a unique touch to culinary experiences but also opens doors to innovative gastronomic explorations.

Mane Kancor

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