Masslift's MerSETA Accreditation shows Commitment to Uplifting Workforces in South Africa

Masslift’s commitment to providing high-quality training is evident in its MerSETA accreditation.

Masslift Africa, the sole distributor of Mitsubishi forklifts in South Africa, is pleased to announce that it has received MerSETA accreditation as a Skills Development Provider. The accreditation allows Masslift to provide internal and external training programs for Full Forklift Mechanic Qualification and a range of skills programs as an accredited skills provider registered with QCTO and MerSETA.

Masslift’s commitment to providing high-quality training and uplifting the workforce has driven the company’s pursuit of accreditation. The nationwide recognition of SETA-accredited training means that the courses completed are reputable, thorough and relevant. As a result, Masslift’s customers can rest assured that their machines will be serviced and maintained by a workforce well-equipped with up-to-date industry-specific skills, cutting back on time and productivity lost to error or lack of knowledge.

In addition to benefiting Masslift’s customers, the accreditation allows Masslift to access SETA funds for staff training, benefit from tax rebates, and maximise potential B-BBEE points. Furthermore, providing SETA-accredited training for employees strengthens Masslift’s credibility and reputation in the industry and community.

Marchell Smith, National Training Manager of Masslift Africa, said, “We are committed to uplifting our workforce and those of others as part of the role we strive to play in South Africa and to make South Africa a better place. We provide a full spectrum of Forklift Mechanic training experience, offering training courses from basic up to advanced levels. Our innovative and multi-faceted training methods include face-to-face, virtual/online, off-site, and on-site training, and our mentors, trainers, assessors, and moderators are MerSETA-accredited. In addition, all our qualifications and skills programs are MerSETA and QCTO accredited.”

With Masslift’s in-house resources and infrastructure, such as recruitment, printing, material development, facilitators, assessors, moderators, ETQA (SETA liaisons), and a fully accredited workplace, the company can provide competitive training fees. 

Masslift‘s commitment to providing high-quality training is evident in its MerSETA accreditation, and the company looks forward to continuing to uplift the workforce in South Africa.

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