Machine protection doors for safer manufacturing

machine protection doors for manufacturing centers the Albany Industrial Doors by Maxiflex

Cutting-edge machine protection doors from renowned industrial door and loading dock solutions specialist, Maxiflex. The Albany Industrial Doors are specially designed to improve safety, productivity and efficiency on automated manufacturing production lines.

Integrated into the automated manufacturing process, these innovative doors facilitate the rapid switch from complete isolation of the production stage to unimpeded access to a workpiece or machine within seconds. The doors are programmed to open and close in line with the production run in highly automated and commercial areas typically found in industries such as automotive and food & beverage, effectively safeguarding people, equipment and processes. These safety-centric doors protect employees who work in close proximity to automated manufacturing processes from hazards such as welding flashes, flying sparks, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, metal fumes, and smoke.

The heavy-duty, high-speed doors are manufactured by esteemed entrance automation solutions expert, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. Available in two variations; the one type is specifically designed for robot and laser protection areas. This features a stable, rigid door curtain manufactured from anodized aluminium slats that operate inside a DIN EN 60825-4 compliant, self-supporting, steel side frame. The second unit is made from silicon-free partially transparent PVC curtain fitted in rugged aluminium side frames. The doors are offered in a wide or upside down (USD) configuration.

Both doors are equipped with a number of safety features:

  • Safety limit switches in the side frame indicate when the door is safely closed.
  • Bottom profile is monitored by an electrical safety contact edge to ensure accurate door closure.
  • Door line photocell prevents the door from closing when objects are in the way.
  • Manual release mechanism in the event of a power failure.
  • Windows enable process monitoring while the door is closed.

In addition to safety, these doors are equally effective when it comes to productivity. The doors’ high-performance frequency control MCC (Motor Control Centre) ensures continuous operation and rapid opening and closing speeds. Short cycle times of up to 5 openings per minute. The position staging area can be located in close proximity to the machine or process. This results in improved ergonomics and enhanced productivity.

From a reliability point of view, these robust doors yet again step up to the mark, sustainably delivering high performance in harsh environments over many years of high cycle numbers and operating speeds of up to 2.4 m/s/1.8 m/s. The machine protection doors are designed with a minimal number of parts. This not only facilitates installation but reduces service and maintenance time and costs. The service-friendly doors can be easily accessed for routine inspection and maintenance.

Adhering to strict environmental regulations, both machine protection doors conform to EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 14119.

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