Maxiflex raises the curtain on new ribbed PVC materials

pvc strip curtain

Maxiflex, a market leader in PVC strip curtains in South Africa since 1990, has further extended their comprehensive portfolio with the introduction of a new range of extra-durable ribbed material.

pvc strip curtains materialsManufactured from durable, impact- and scratch-resistant material, these highly robust PVC strip curtains are ideally suited for arduous, heavy-duty, high traffic applications. Customers can choose between three innovative ribbed offerings: Standard clear PVC strip with crystal-clear transparency ideal for indoor and outdoor areas that demand high visibility; transparent red PVC strip for safety and decorative requirements and polar clear PVC strip with break-, crack- and chemical-resistant properties for internal and external applications and temperature extremes (-25° to 30°C).

PVC strip curtains, also known as strip doors, create unique, flexible, safe, energy-saving doorways and partitions that protect goods and provide seamless traffic flow. “When it comes to our PVC strip, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all-applications philosophy,” notes Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Maxiflex. “Our years of industry experience have given us the capability to customise our PVC strips to be able to offer complete solutions that meet customers’ diverse requirements. Our range caters to light, medium and heavy pedestrian and motorised traffic in cold storage, freezer, warehousing, manufacturing and welding environments.”

Available in a variety of colours and transparencies, all PVC strips from Maxiflex are forged from a flexible, durable and environmentally-friendly recyclable PVC vinyl compound that delivers exceptional resistance to force ensuring a long life-cycle. Furthermore, these versatile entrance systems are easy to install, clean and maintain, keeping operating expenses to a minimum for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Forming part of Maxiflex’s PVC strip range are welding and anti-insect curtains. The innovative, safety-first welding PVC strip, designed and fireproofed to protect operators during the welding process, complies with international standards and regulations for Health and Safety in Welding (ISO 25980, EN1598 in Europe and AWS F2.3 in the USA). The anti-insect PVC material is ideal for customers that require PVC strips with high hygiene standards typically found in the food industry where flying insects are a nuisance and a health hazard. This PVC strip material is recommended by the World Health Organisation as it is safe for humans and the repulsive agent repels flying insects like fruit flies and mosquitoes making it the ideal solution for fruit packhouses and malaria risk areas.


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