Steri Cooling benefits – Innovative panel sectional doors from Maxiflex

The renowned industrial door and loading dock solutions specialist, Maxiflex is committed to going the extra mile to deliver the best-fit product that ideally meets customers’ needs. When leading producer and exporter of citrus in the Eastern Cape, Endulini Fruit, required a certified airtight door for its steri room chambers, they approached Maxiflex, who came up with a textbook solution – a standard panel sectional door with outstanding sealing capabilities.

overhead sectional door from Maxiflex ideal for steri cooling

Roger Pheiffer, Sales Executive at Maxiflex’s Port Elizabeth branch explains the client’s application: “The steri cooling process takes place in three chambers where optimal airtightness is essential. ASSA ABLOY’s overhead sectional door comes standard with a 4-way sealing which prevents any air from escaping from the chambers, making it the perfect solution. Furthermore, the unique way in which the panels interlock offers an additional sealing advantage. These exceptional sealing features ensure that optimal internal temperatures are maintained to prevent product spoilage. Pheiffer highlights that these smart designs deliver energy savings in terms of temperature control as well as assist in the prevention of dirt and dust ingress. He adds that additional seals are an option on these doors, depending on the degree of airtightness required by each specific application.

Alongside excellent sealing, the flexible overhead sectional doors also offer a number of state-of-the-art features that deliver enhanced efficiencies and extended life span even in the most challenging environments. Available in steel or aluminium, and purpose-fit for warehouses, logistics centres and various business premises, these doors are available in various options including wide low threshold pass-doors, normal pass-doors and full vision panels with acrylic or hardened glass windows. These rugged and corrosion-protected zinc-aluminium coated panels are built to stand the test of time and safeguard goods.

The door boasts a variety of access and automation options, taking it into the digitalisation space. Pheiffer points out that although this was an interior application, features such as wind-resistant reinforced panels (with thicknesses of 42 mm), a class 3 certification for water tightness, and wind load and air permeability ensure optimal performance at the lowest total cost of ownership, even in exterior installations. Pheiffer explains that the door has been tested according to EN12426 with a test result of 6m3/m2/h giving it a classification 3. “Combined with an additional sealing kit around the door leaf, the air permeability will reach below 3 m3/m2/h and therefore can be classified in class 4.”

The doors were installed according to the producer’s installation requirements by Maxiflex, a certified ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Distributor, in three days and well on time. According to Pheiffer, the doors will be serviced and maintained on an (at least) yearly basis.

No training was required by Endulini Fruit employees on the correct use of the overhead sectional door which has been running problem-free. Gustav Bell, Packhouse Operational Manager at Endulini Fruit, praises the door’s impressive features and says that the company is enjoying the benefits that the door’s exceptional performance brings to the table. “We are very pleased with our steri room chamber doors as well as Maxiflex’s excellent service.”

Wrapping up Pheiffer says that Maxiflex is extremely proud to have delivered a cutting-edge solution that sets the benchmark in airtightness. “Our product had all the specifications needed for this project and it inspires us to continue to elevate our product and service levels so that we remain customer’s preferred entrance systems partner.”

Maxiflex offers a comprehensive range of industrial door and loading dock solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of the distribution and logistics industry. As the exclusive Sub-Sahara Africa distributor of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Maxiflex’s product portfolio for storage and loading dock applications include docking equipment such as swing lip dock levellers and curtain dock shelters, load-houses, overhead sectional doors, high-speed door systems and PVC strip curtains.

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