Maximise the natural content in your formulas with solutions from CJP Chemicals

The demand for environmentally friendly, clean and vegan beauty and personal care products places suppliers of natural, sustainable and traceable ingredients in the spotlight as more and more brands look to capture a share of this growing market.

CJP Chemicals, an importer and supplier of raw materials and ingredients for the personal care, pharma, food and beverage and industrial sectors, offers an extensive range of natural-based, bio-based, biodegradable and eco-friendly formulation solutions. These ingredients and raw materials are sourced from CJP’s international principals, who are leaders in their respective fields, ranging from ester technologies and modern preservative solutions to certified natural and organic extracts, mild surfactants and innovative silicone emulsions to name a few.

In this article, we explore some of the newest eco-friendly and sustainably produced ingredients developed by these global suppliers and distributed locally by CJP Chemicals.

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CJP Chemicals offers an extensive portfolio of innovative vegan, natural-based and renewable ingredients for personal care products and cosmetics

A natural classic for emulsions

Since 1912, IOI Oleo has been a long-term reliable supplier of strong brands (such as IMWITOR, MIGLYOL, SOFTIGEN, SOFTISAN, DYNASAN, and WITARIX) offering made-in-Germany quality ingredients that inspire trust among formulators and are used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutritional applications.

IOI Oleo recently re-launched IMWITOR  372 P, a natural classic for emulsions. This anionic O/W emulsifier is based on the following three Rs:

  1. Robust, providing the safety of an established ingredient that simplifies formulation work for various applications and skin-feel.
  2. Reliable, trusted as a mild emulsifier with a safe profile (non-irritating to eyes and non-sensitising to skin), which delivers steady performances
  3. Renewable, a natural-based vegan-compatible ingredient made from renewable resources, as well as being RSPO MB certified, readily biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic organisms.

IMWITOR 372 P is supplied in easy-to-handle flakes allowing for easy processing. Its robust, reliable nature as well as broad compatibility make this viscosity-building ingredient a great fit for various concepts, be it multiple textures (lotions, creams and butters) or applications (baby, skin or hair care products). Formulations based on this emulsifier offer easy pick-up, uniform spreading and a pleasant smooth and soft after-feel. This vegan, natural renewable ingredient allows formulators to design with versatility while maintaining stability.

New all-in-one Ritafactant blend

For decades, RITA Corporation has specialised in developing and producing naturally derived, sulfate free and lactylated blends for the personal care industry. This US-based manufacturer is continually looking at ways to expand its portfolio. Its latest development Ritafactant SFE is a low cost, sulfate free, sulfonate free and DEA/MEA free surfactant blend.

Ritafactant SFE is the hallmark of extensive testing with an emphasis on performance driven, lactylate boosted prototypes, which are cost competitive in comparison to their sulfated counterparts. This all-in-one blend is simply added to the water phase and can easily be used in a wide range of naturally-based formulations including hand washes, body washes, facial cleansers and surface cleaners.

Ingredient certifications and eco labels  

In line with its corporate social responsibility programme and to highlight SEPPIC’s longstanding commitment to favouring vegetal origins for its for ingredients, the company labels many of its ingredients.

Voluntary labels are implemented for its cosmetic ingredients, such as the naturality labels provided by COSMOSEcocert, and NATRUE , or halal and kosher certification in accordance with religious precepts. This also applies to ingredients intended for other applications, such as detergents or oil drilling, where Seppic is, for example, undergoing validation by the CEFAS/ OSPAR label.

Where eco labels apply to products used by consumers, such as the European Ecolabel or Nordic Swan, ingredient data is provided to customers to assist them in their efforts to convey a product’s eco-friendly or sustainability benefits. SEPPIC also assists customers with ethics-oriented labels such as Cruelty Free International.

Natural preservative for hyaluronic acid formulations

Hyaluronic acid is becoming favourite in skin care products and there is increasing consumer demand for this ingredient in facial care applications. Some of these formulations can contain up to 20% of sodium hyaluronate, which requires sufficient and compatible preservation.

SharoSENSE Plus 181-N is Sharon Laboratories newest natural preservative based on natural maltol. It is suitable for wide range of applications including facial care products containing a high percentage of sodium hyaluronate. At a level of use of only 0.5%, SharoSENSE Plus 181-N shows excellent efficacy in products formulated with hyaluronic acid, as per the challenge test results in Figure 1, where the natural preservative achieved complete protection against bacteria, yeast and mould. Click here for the formulation reference.

Figure 1

SharoSENSE Plus 181-N is a non pH dependent, broad-spectrum preservative solution with significantly high efficacy, which results in its use level in a final product being reduced. It is supplied in a powder form and is soluble in warm water, eliminating the need for a solvent to carry the preservative into the formula.

SharoSENSE Plus 181-N has an ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index of 99.6% and is environmentally friendly with a renewable carbon index of 99.32%. It is dermatologically tested and found to be non-irritating and safe to use on skin, the face, lips, around the eye area and in baby care products.

Silicones to maximise natural product content

Marketing claims such as “clean beauty” or “all natural” along with Natural Origin Index labels based on ISO 16128 are increasingly trendy. Shin-Etsu Silicones Europe – a major supplier of silicone specialties for cosmetics – has launched three new silicones in natural or natural-derived diluents. These silicones deliver outstanding sensory benefits while maximising the natural content of products.

X-25-7055 is an elastomer gel and skin-conditioning agent based on an emollient which is naturally derived from coconut oil. It is an effective thickening agent for low viscosity silicone and organic oils and provides a silky, dry, smooth feeling on the skin combined with a matte effect.

X-22-6695B is an alkyl grafted emulsifying elastomer gel based on purified jojoba oil, which allows for stabilising w/o emulsions that are based on natural ingredients. It also helps to optimise the sensory benefits of w/o emulsions in line with marketing requests.

X-22-8365 is a silicone-grafted acrylic copolymer in naturally derived volatile alkanes. It has been developed as a film-former providing a smooth and flexible film with excellent water resistance. X-22-8365 can give a long-lasting effect in moisturisers, makeup and sunscreens.

All three silicones can be incorporated into a variety of formulations resulting in finished products with a Natural Origin Index ranging from 89% to 97%.

Sustainable and versatile esters

Being sustainably certified is one of IOI ECM’s strong features that puts the PALMSURF brand in an established echelon in the market. The value provided by the RSPO Grade serves as an assurance to consumers that IOI ECM has been upholding a rudimental principle of sustainability since its inception. Medium Chain Triglycerides 60/40 (MCT 60/40) is one of IOI ECM’s most widely used esters in personal care formulations. MCT 60/40 has the ability to provide hydration and moisture in a topical formulation. Once applied, it can easily penetrate the skin’s surface and helps to retain skin’s natural moisture.

Well-hydrated skin is essential to ensure active ingredients are absorbed to deliver their function efficiently for enhanced product efficacy. MCT acts as carrier to solubilise and transport particles of active ingredients to cells in need of nourishment and repairing. This makes MCT a great formulation technology to be used together with complex extracts or active ingredients as it doesn’t compromise their intended functions. Despite being an oil in nature, it does not leave greasy after-feel on skin which allows MCT to be used in leave-on formulations such as a face cream without intervening on the user’s comfort.

MCT is also often used in colour cosmetics. When it comes to creating innovative colour cosmetics, loads of pigments may be used to create products with complex shades that suit different skin tones. These colour pigments require a spreading agent to allow them to be dispersed throughout the formulation base without leaving a gritty and uneven texture. MCT suits this application as it is an easy spreading agent that provides a smooth texture. Being colourless is also an advantage of MCT as it does not interfere with the shade of finished products.

MCT continues to deliver breakthroughs in personal care and cosmetics. It can be fixed for a specific formulation or manipulated to suits many other applications such as a cream, cleanser, moisturiser, serum, and even a sprayable formulation. This level of versatility makes MT one of the most sought-after raw materials for designing up-to-date products that meet consumers’ needs.

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