Lucideon takes a look at human hair under the microscope

Measuring the_Chemical__Physical_Properties_of_Human_Hair_Surfaces_by_LucideonLucideon has published a white paper entitled Measuring the Chemical & Physical Properties of Human Hair Surfaces. This paper reveals how the surface characterisation of hair fibres delivers important insights into the performance of hair care products.

The author, Chris Pickles’ key findings are set to assist in the development of improved product formulations. This is because topographical and chemical surface characterisation techniques are ideal for determining relevant hair properties such as scale height, hair damage and chemical residues.

Interesting findings for formulators

‘Consumer health care manufacturers are constantly looking to improve their products and to develop the next generation of hair care. Surface characterisation and analysis is not only able to aid product development but also the support of marketing claims,’ comments Pickles.

‘We have a world-class surface analysis facility at Lucideon which is run by experts in their field. In addition, we have a comprehensive range of analytical capabilities to help manufacturers comply with regulations, ensure quality and consistency, and to solve failures.’

Harnessing technology for R&D

Non-contact white light interferometry and 3D scanning electron microscopy were used to investigate topographical consequences such as scale height and hair damage. These techniques provide statistically based metrology of hair surfaces either parametrically or as quantified 3D images.

In addition, the white paper covers the application of chemical surface analysis techniques including X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry. These are used to determine chemical residues and natural substrates in terms of material identification, level quantification and spatial distribution. In all cases practical applications are described.

Going forward, it can be expected that the application of chemical and physical surface imaging technologies will spread more widely in the hair care sector. Click here, to find out more about the benefits and to download the white paper.

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