Metrohm Nirs And Raman Solutions For Lab And Process Analysis

METROHM – 2060

With the launch of the Omnis NIRS analyser, Metrohm now offers the best of near infra-red and Raman technology for the Petroleum industry.

The Omnis NIRS system is provided with pre-calibrations thereby enabling the user to immediately start analysis. If optimisation of the calibration model is needed the analyst simply scans additional samples and activates Omnis Model Developer (OMD) software to do the rest. Three hundred scans in less than one second with total analysis taking less than ten seconds translates to faster analysis and a more efficient laboratory.

In addition to the new lab system, get ready to meet the latest addition to the Metrohm PAT Family: The 2060 Raman. Our new process Raman analyser, engineered by Metrohm, is set to transform your process monitoring, bringing a whole new dimension of efficiency to your operations.

Regardless of the industry requiring process monitoring, the 2060 Raman Process Analyser is tailor-made to provide enhanced process control and optimisation, increased safety and compliance and significant cost reductions.

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