Spectro-electrochemical material characterisation – a first from Metrohm

Combine electrochemistry and spectroscopy in one measurement with SPELEC. The SPELEC instrument is an integrated solution consisting of a bipotentiostat/ galvanostat combined with a spectrometer and a light source. It is available in two detection range versions (200–900nm and 350–1050nm).

Spectro-electrochemistry is a useful technique used for investigating and identifying electroactive species and redox reactions products. It can be applied in various research fields, such as:

  • New materials characterisation
  • Photochemical energy conversion
  • Photovoltaic cell

Metrohm, together with Dropsens, offers an integrated solution for this type of measurement, i.e. instrumentation, dedicated software, and accessories.

Key features:

  • Combined bipotentiostat/galvanostat and spectrometer with light source
  • Two detection ranges available: 200–900nm and 350–1050nm
  • Electrochemical and spectro-electrochemical mode can be used independently
  • Dedicated software for perfect synchronisation of optical and electrochemical measurement
  • Compatible with any kind of spectro-electrochemical cell and with screen-printed electrodes

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