916 Ti-Touch – compact, stand-alone titrator for routine analysis more powerful than ever

Ti-Touch instrument series for titration in the lab

New convenience features and additional capabilities make the 916 Ti-Touch more powerful than ever. Users may now connect a second titration stand, do pH-STAT titrations, benefit from dedicated automation for up to 24 samples with a new budget sample processor, and more.

The Ti-Touch instrument series was designed with the routine user in mind: Operators can start their favourite methods with a single touch of an icon on the graphical user interface of the instrument. Such method shortcuts are available for up to 14 different methods.

Connectivity and networkability are key: Routine users may connect a thermal printer to their 916 Ti-Touch to print out reports right in the laboratory. Alternatively, a network printer may be used or results may be exported straight into any LIMS or they can be managed using Metrohm ti-Base software.

With the possibility to perform STAT titrations, the 916 Ti-Touch now covers all modes of potentiometric titration: Dynamic titration;, monotonic titration;, endpoint titration;, pH-STAT titration;, and manual titration.

Together with the 916 Ti-Touch, the new 810 Sample Processor is available for the fully automated analysis of up to 24 samples. Particularly interesting for routine users in regulated industries such as pharma and food: Measurements with the 916 Ti-Touch are compliant with GLP and the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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