Metrohm’s IC solution for the mining industry

With acid mine drainage (AMD) issues being highlighted more and more in recent news bulletins, it is becoming imperative that mine laboratories are equipped to monitor their effluent and minimise damage to the environment.

Related to mining is the cement industry which needs to provide infra-structure developers with material of the highest quality to avoid structural damage.

In both cases, Metrohm’s IC systems offer practical solutions for the analysis of these complex matrices.

Metrohm’s 940 Professional IC range can be used to determine anions or cations in a variety of different products. IC is a technique that enables the rapid and accurate determination of the fluoride, chloride, sulphate, and phosphate contents of the materials being fed into cement kilns.

Metrohm has a number of Inline Sample Preparation Modules (MISP) that can be used to deal with difficult sample matrices. The use of inline ultra-filtration considerably increases the sample throughput by automatic filtration of each sample using the unique Metrohm ultra-filtration cell. Inline preparation saves time and reduces running costs. Further steps such as in-line neutralisation and matrix elimination, makes possible the analysis of complex mixtures with great success.

Ultimately, however, Metrohm’s IC strength comes from the intelligence within the system. This intelligence is standard in the Professional IC systems and features hardware specifications not available anywhere else in the marketplace:

•           iPump with minimal pulsation yields lower detection limits.

•           iDetector – the latest Digital Signal Processing and outstanding temperature stability guarantee the highest precision. Example chromatograms are stored in the detector for validation or training purposes.

•           iColumn – the only IC columns available today equipped with intelligence that automatically know their optimum working conditions and possess full traceability with regard to number of injections performed, operating pressure and flow rates.

•           MagIC Net software with smart system control and monitoring of all results.

Trending of any chromatographic parameter from a method is only a mouse click away so all the necessary information can be shown graphically over time.

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