PinoPlex - a powerful moisturising active for hair

New from Mibelle Biochemistry, PinoPlex™ is inspired by the mechanism of pine cones, which open and close depending on weather conditions.

A pine cone on a tree (Image: Mibelle Biochemistry)

The protective cuticle layer of the hair is an indicator of its health. When the scales are smooth, moisture is locked into the hair and it appears healthy, beautiful and vital. However, if the scales are open and protruding, moisture is lost resulting in dull and frizzy hair. This process mirrors the open and closed structure of pine cone scales, which serves as a bio-inspired concept for a new hair care ingredient from Mibelle Biochemistry. 

PinoPlex™ is an innovative and sustainable hair care ingredient, inspired by the mechanism of pine cones, which open and close depending on weather conditions. As a product of upcycling, the active is derived from pine cones (Pinus sylvestris), which are hand-collected in exceptional and carefully selected French forests. To obtain the valuable ingredients, Mibelle Biochemistry uses a gentle, green, microwave-assisted extraction process.

Mend split ends and combat dryness

PinoPlex™ is a powerful moisturiser for the hair shaft and can combat dry and damaged hair. It not only penetrates the hair, but also retains water by levelling out the cuticle, making hair smoother and shinier. This bio-inspired ingredient prevents split ends and improves hair fibre integrity, making it more resistant to daily stress and breakage. It also supports keratinocyte differentiation in the hair matrix, which makes the hair grow healthier and stronger.

Available in South Africa from Carst & Walker, PinoPlex™ is an ideal ingredient for various hair care applications such as split-end treatments, leave-in conditioning repair creams, hydrating overnight leave-in conditioners and more. 

PinoPlex™ marketing concept (Image: Mibelle Biochemistry)

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