Milliken maximises the performance of plastics

Two new products were launched this year which are beneficial to PPMilliken has extended its portfolio of additive technologies to improve the clarity, performance and processing of polyolefins. The company launched two new products this year. The first is a unique performance modifier for injection moulded polypropylene (PP) and impact copolymers (ICPs) while the second is a newer technology within its Hyperform HPN family of nucleating agents.

These technologies are believed to considerably change the way PP and ICPs perform with regard to impact strength, stiffness and melt flow. They also improve the physical properties of post consumer recycled resins. The new performance modifier allows converters to take greater advantage of cost and sustainability benefits.

The Hyperform HPN was specifically designed to maximise stiffness in PP and ICPs.

‘This technology enables recycled resin to deliver performance comparable to that of virgin materials,’ says Prem Patel, strategy and business development manager for plastics additives at Milliken.

Allen Jacoby, the company’s VP for plastics additives says Milliken’s innovations help solve important challenges facing polymer producers, converters, designers and brand owners.

‘Both innovations deliver breakthrough aesthetics, exceptional material properties, improved efficiency and enhanced sustainability. Milliken will continue to apply market insights and technological expertise to customers’ evolving requirements,’ Jacoby adds.

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