MiWayLife Insurance Protects Unborn Babies with MiLittleLife

By Janice Roberts


Life insurance provider MiWayLife has added Birth and Child Cover to their diversified insurance portfolio with the launch of MiLittleLife. A solution that will provide Birth and Child Cover direct to the market, MiLittleLife will afford expectant mothers cover of up to R180 000 for conditions of the newborn present at birth. The offering complements MiWayLife’s existing offerings, which have seen the organisation become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the industry.

MiLittleLife offers expectant parents, especially mothers, peace of mind during pregnancy, childbirth and thereafter. Speaking about the offering, MiWayLife CEO Craig Baker says, “Understanding that financial security is a major headache for expectant families, MiLittleLife was designed with a focus on the baby’s health and the mother’s peace of mind. The aim is to alleviate worries and provide expecting families a safety net to help should things not go to plan.”

“Our innovation team have been challenged to develop something that meets the needs of everyday South African families and we are positive that this offering will improve the lives of our customers and challenge the status quo,” concluded Baker.

MiLittleLife has been designed with flexibility in mind, putting the needs of expectant parents and their infants first. It is not medical aid, nor is it a gap-cover, but it can serve as a useful supplement to existing medical insurance. The policy can be taken any time during the pregnancy and will afford the policyholder two benefits: the Birth Benefit, and if continued post childbirth, the Child Benefit.

The Birth Benefit provides cover for conditions present at birth for the newborn and the cover grows by R20 000 with each premium paid. The benefit covers a minimum of R20,000 from the first premium and a maximum of R180,000 depending on when the policy was taken. The offering is human – in case of any missed premiums, there will be no penalty on the cover raised from premiums already paid.

MiLittleLife’s Birth Benefit will automatically convert into the Child Benefit upon birth. The Child Benefit starts off with cover of up to R250,000 and grows with the child.

The Child Benefit includes major illness, disability, injury and infections. A comprehensive list of over 75 wide-ranging conditions are covered in the Child Benefit. Covered conditions include dog bites and near drowning through to cancers, cleft palate and admission into ICU, amongst others. These conditions, however, are not exhaustive. Should there be any conditions deemed severe enough but not specifically listed, parents can still claim.

Payouts under both the Birth and the Child Benefits can be used in whichever way the policyholder sees fit, whether that is for settling medical bills, unpaid leave for the caretaker, home modifications where needed, or post injury rehabilitation.

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