The role of nutritional labelling and chemical testing

Nutritional labelling is vital for informed consumer choices. Learn how MLS Laboratories verifies labels, ensuring compliance with South African regulations and safeguarding consumer health through chemical testing and analysis.


Nutritional labelling plays a pivotal role in consumer decision-making,aiding individuals in making informed choices about their dietary intake. In south Africa, as many other countries, regulatory bodies set standards for nutritional labelling to ensure accuracy and transparency. Chemical laboratory testing serves as a crucial tool in verifying these labels, guaranteeing compliance with established standards and safeguarding consumer health. According to South African legislation, food products must adhere to specific guidelines regarding the declaration of nutrients such as macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), micronutrients (vitamins, minerals heavy metals), energy content, and dietary fibre. Additionally, labels must accurately reflect serving sizes and provide information on allergens, additives, claims and genetically modified ingredients.

While manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of nutritional labels, MLS Laboratories can assist with nutritional analysis as an independent verification mechanism. These tests involve the analysis of food samples to determine their actual nutritional composition, comparing it with the declared values on the label. MLS Laboratories is a fully ISO 17025 Accredited by SANAS and A2LA.

Based in Midrand, Cape Town and KZN with a large footprint in SA. Our Methods enable us for certain tests to provide a prelim report within 48 hours and a final report within 5 days. Our services include Microbiological, Chemical, Organoleptic, Nutritional, Aflatoxins, Allergens, DNA, Effluent Water, Drinking water, Pesticides, Residues, mycotoxins Shelf-Life studies, Sample Packs, Sample Collections, Trend Analysis and more. Our value added Electronic Lims System allows clients at any time to access all their results. Trend analysis, graphs, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual reports will also be available within a dashboard personalised for them. 

What we do:

Microbiological analysis: We are equipped to test and analyse your Environment products for all types of microbes. Chemical analysis: By providing accreditation that is in line with international standards, we ensure that you are covered. Sample collection: With our in-house courier, collecting samples not only saves you time, but shows how we go the extra mile. 

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