Momentum Multiply offers more rewards during the lockdown

By Janice Roberts

Momentum Multiply has announced it will offer increased benefits to its members from 1 until 30 April 2020, as a means to respond to their financial and physical wellness needs resulting from the lockdown. Changes include additional cashbacks from retail partners selling essential goods, and added incentives to help members remain active. 

Momentum Multiply will ensure members do not miss rewards due to them not being able to exercise as they used to. The rewards programme has also extended the expiry of health and fitness assessment to offer clients more flexibility.

Members currently receive savings on their Momentum Life and Car and Home Insurance premiums and earn cashbacks and discounts from 81 retail and lifestyle partners. They also earn HealthReturns from Momentum Medical Scheme and EmployeeReturns from FundsAtWork, boosting their monthly cashflow. 

More rewards on essentials

Johan Kleu, Executive Head at Momentum Multiply, says Multiply has introduced an additional 3% cashbacks across all rewards status tiers (Bronze to Private Club) at Pick n Pay, Clicks and Dis-Chem. Members can enjoy this benefit on their whole basket at these partners and will thus receive more value when shopping for essential goods. 

“We are giving members a boost by increasing the value of rewards on the essential goods that they can access during the lockdown. We therefore encourage members to activate and use the benefits available to them so they can stretch their money and save.” 

The benefits will apply to online shopping and in-store purchases.

The updated benefits are now as follows:                              

Multiply Premier benefit limits remain unchanged.

Activity and health rewards 

Kleu says Multiply recognises that members are unable to visit gyms, complete Parkruns or may find it difficult to achieve the same level of activity as they did before lockdown regulations. 

“We will credit members with additional Active Dayz so they can maintain or improve their rewards levels. The credits will be based on each member’s average Active Dayz earned over the previous three months, from December 2019 to February 2020. This adjustment will only be made at the end of the month.”

Some members’ Healthy Heart Scores or fitness assessment results may also expire during this period. 

“We will also extend the Healthy Heart Score or fitness assessment result to the end of April 2020 for members whose results expire in March or April. We are implementing these measures to ensure members don’t lose out on HealthReturns, Myriad discounts, EmployeeReturns and to provide them with more flexibility during the lockdown,” says Kleu. 

He adds, “Multiply is aware that it may be difficult for members to achieve their usual level of activity at home, but we encourage them to explore new ways to continue exercising during this time. Active Dayz rewards you no matter how you move”.

Weekly Wins extended benefits  

Multiply is adding Dis-Chem and Total vouchers to its Weekly Wins during this time. Weekly Wins drives members to be active consistently by incentivising them with tangible rewards for achieving their personalised activity goals. It launched in January 2020 with Wimpy vouchers and is gaining momentum among fitness enthusiasts.  

The Weekly Wins Dis-Chem vouchers can be redeemed on essential goods in-store and online. Total vouchers can be used on fuel or essential goods in Total Bonjour convenience stores. This excludes items in Café Bonjour. 

“These are extraordinary times and we know clients are adjusting to many changes in their work, family and day-to-day lives. We trust that the changes we have introduced will support clients during these difficult times. Above all, we urge our members to stay safe, adopt effective health and hygiene behavior and adhere to the South African lockdown regulations,” he concludes.

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