Anton Paar Multicube 48 – trendsetting open-vessel digestion

Multicube 48 is a robust laboratory hot block for open-vessel acid digestion, evaporation and concentration of samples, as well as other applications requiring elevated temperatures.

Multicube 48 open-vessel acid digestion

The PFA-coated graphite block in its corrosion-resistant FEP-coated housing is designed for reliable, trouble-free preparation of large batches of a wide range of samples. Precise temperature control of ±1°C guarantees the same digestion quality in every single vessel. Intuitive software and comprehensive documentation make Multicube 48 an excellent, cost-efficient instrument for digestion and leaching of food, environmental, petroleum, geological, and many more samples.

Key features

High throughput – to optimise productivity in your lab

  • Simultaneous digestion of 48 samples
  • Vials rest in racks for simplified loading and fast removal for cooling after digestion
  • 800W power ensures short heating times
  • 450 days continuous runtime – no waste of valuable working time due to cooling down or heating up in-between
  • To speed up your working cycle, an audio notification indicates process end and readiness for the next sample batch.

Complete digestion or leaching – accurate temperature control ensures the best preparation for the subsequent analysis

  • High temperature homogeneity: ±1°C over the whole block
  • Digestion temperatures up to 180 °C
  • Optional temperature control with immersing Pt100 probe in a sample solution for sensitive samples
  • Complies with standard methods such as EPA 3010a, 3020b, 3050b, and 3060 for solid waste and EPA 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 200.9, 245.1, 365.1 for water.

Perfect reflux conditions – to minimise loss of digestion solution and analyte

  • Polypropylene watch glasses cover the vials during the reaction
  • Temperature adjustment in 0.1°C steps to obtain the optimal working point
  • Saves reagents and reduces acid evaporation.
Multicube 48 a cost-efficient instrument for digestion and leaching of food, environmental, petroleum, geological, and many more samples

Easy interaction – intuitive software and colour touchscreen

  • Multicube 48 is controlled via the separate Multicube Control unit, connected with a 3m long cable. You can place the controller away from the hot block so you can avoid direct contact with acid vapours during the digestion process
  • Modern capacitive 5.4” colour touchscreen that withstands scratches and wear and is easy to operate – even with lab gloves
  • Three options to reach your final digestion temperature: heating ramp, heating as fast as possible, or a stepwise profile of up to ten temperature steps
  • Visualisation of the set temperature profile, the measured temperature, the remaining process time, and the already lapsed time

Comprehensive documentation – to meet your GLP requirements

  • Storage capacity of up to 100 methods (incl. pre-installed international standard methods and recommended Anton Paar methods)
  • Data storage of up to 100 experiments
  • Export via USB port as .rtf and .csv files

Anton Paar Certified Service

Receive service and support directly from Anton Paar certified service engineers, along with a 3-year warranty on all new instruments.

Alongside the warranty you can choose from a wide range of additional services. Our comprehensive service provides you with the best individual coverage for your investment. You avoid unforeseen costs and can always rely on your instrument.

Anton Paar Multicube 48 for open-vessel acid digestion, evaporation and concentration of samples

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