Nasal relief for allergy sufferers

For the 20 to 30 percent of South Africans who suffer from allergic rhinitis1 (hay fever), a new product is now available which provides a natural non-medicated nasal care solution and daily safeguard against nasal allergy2.


Allerguard Nasal Hygiene contains Ectoin, a natural cell-protective molecule with inflammation reducing properties which alleviates symptoms such as dry and sore nasal mucosa, sneezing, itching, congestion and crust formation, and in so doing reduces the harmful influences of allergens and airborne particles2.

Available at leading pharmacies countrywide, Allerguard Nasal Hygiene provides daily protection to help prevent and treat symptoms of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis2 (sinusitis) 3. As its name suggests, Allerguard Nasal Hygiene also protects and cleans the nose, preventing dehydration, and providing relief of congestion and inflammation2.

Hay fever

Hay fever is the common name to describe allergic rhinitis and involves a persistent runny, stuffy, itchy nose, and frequent sneezing. It can also affect your eyes, sinuses, throat and ears4.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis happens when an allergen, most commonly house dust mite, pet, pollen and mould, comes into contact with the sensitive, moist lining in your nose and sinuses and sets off the allergic response4.

Allerguard Nasal Hygiene which is suitable for the whole family*, supports the regeneration process of irritated nasal mucosa and gently cleans the nasal cavities and supports free breathing2, as it reduces inflammation in the airways5.

Allerguard Nasal Hygiene with its all-natural ingredients, is so much more than just a saline spray. Natural sea water2 helps to remove the allergy causing pollen from the nose while Ectoin decongests the nasal mucosa, providing essential moisture and preventing dehydration2.

Recent studies have revealed that hay fever has a huge impact on quality of life4. Furthermore, allergic diseases are increasing in both first world and lower and middle income countries. A third of South Africans will suffer from some allergic disease during their life. 40 percent of allergy sufferers are children1.

Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for more information about allergic rhinitis or allergies in general.

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* Allerguard Nasal Spray suitable for use from 2 years old

* Allerguard Nasal Hygiene suitable for use from 12 years of age

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