Nedbank warns of impact of riots on SA’s health and economic recovery

Nedbank today called on organised labour, civil society, political parties, business and religious organisations to unite in condemning the violent lawlessness and criminality that has engulfed parts of the country over the past few days.

Nedbank CE Mike Brown said this comes at a time where SA can least afford it and called for urgent, broad-based leadership and decisive action to restore law and order. “The devastating impact of Covid-19 has already caused tragic loss of lives and livelihoods. This lawlessness by some will result in even further devastation to the lives of many. It harms our country and all South Africans. No good can come of it.”

“As the country grapples with an intensifying health crisis, the vaccination drive, which finally gained some momentum, cannot be allowed to stall. The loss of lives and destruction of businesses and homes cannot be justified in any circumstances.”

Nedbank is committed to working with all like-minded South Africans to restore law and order, rebuild our economy, create employment and enhance our country’s reputation as an investment destination.

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